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Top mountain bike holiday videos

Top MTB holiday videos
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Our top MTB holiday videos

Join Euan and Douglas from H+I HQ as they take you through their top MTB holiday videos from around the world.

H+I Adventures top MTB holiday videos from around the globe

Over the past twelve years the crew at H+I Adventures have been very lucky to have travelled to all four corners of the globe to explore, ride, and film mountain bike adventures.

Douglas, our extremely talented videographer, and I (Euan) have spent an untold number of weeks in all types of transport, from planes, trains, and boats, to gondolas, shuttles, and the back of a pick-up truck in Kyrgyzstan in 2018. All in the name of finding, riding and filming the best mountain bike adventures known to man! Not an easy task…

But that’s our job and our passion and that’s why we have been drawn together, along with the rest of the dedicated mountain bike adventure crew across the world, to craft and bring you the best experiences on a mountain bike.

So sit back and enjoy our top mountain bike holiday videos from across the globe!

  1. Bhutan – Adventure is…
  2. Ecuador – DIVERSITY
  3. Morocco – The Berber Trail
  4. Kyrgyzstan – Trail of the Forty Tribes

1. Bhutan – Adventure is…

On a recent visit to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan three professional mountain bikers from three very different sides of the industry came together to understand why we continue to push ourselves in all four corners of the globe. Why we keep coming back to ride and carry our mountain bikes into the unknown, and what it is that underpins this unique sport that we are addicted to.

2. Ecuador – DIVERSITY

Ecuador; the most ecologically diverse country in the world. A small nation densely packed with the most incredible range of ecosystems and trail networks. With two generations of riders we explore this MTB heaven. From urban jump lines to dense jungle and active volcanic slopes high in the Andes, we take Thomas Vanderham and Scotty Laughland from the familiar to the unknown – beyond anything they have experienced before.

3. Morocco – The Berber Trail

On this mountain bike tour in Morocco you’ll mountain bike through the heart of the dry and rugged Atlas mountains, ever in the shadow of the formidable Toubkal mountain, climbing and traversing high mountain passes, descending sparse mountain singletrack to lush valley floors, punctuating each segment with mint tea and a mind bending blend of culture.

During our mtb adventure in the Atlas mountains of Morocco, we’ll ride on a point-to-point route that will see us cover centuries old Berber trade routes that criss-cross this landscape, walked in by generations of traders and their mules to craft impeccable singletrack heaven for mountain bikers.

4. Kyrgyzstan – Trail of the Forty Tribes

Over the past year we had been planning this adventure to Kyrgyzstan, to ride, carry and push our mountain bikes from a remote valley not far from the city of Osh, aiming to get as far up the imposing and impenetrable Lenin peak as we could manage.

This was a ten-day expedition that would see us doing a 9 hour hike-a-bike, crossing a number of passes over 4000m, washing in ice cold mountain streams, sleeping in guest houses that are little more than a floor with a rug, dodging afternoon rains, being covered in and eating a lot of dust from the tyre in front of you, all of this while being supported by seven horses and their expert handlers who were carrying all of our overnight kit.

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