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MTBminute – How to Check your MTB

How to check your MTB
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How to Check your MTB


Learn how to Check your MTB

How many of you regularly safety check your bikes? It’s not the most sexy topic but there’s nothing more annoying than an avoidable problem ruining a ride or, worse, causing a serious bail!

In this episode of the #MTBminute our guide, Chris Gibbs runs you through the simplest, safest and best system to check your MTB is ready to shred; the ‘M Check’.

So, before you next hit the trail you’ll have the know-how to carry out this simple and memorable pre-ride check. In just 5 minutes you’ll be able to fully assess your bike and know that the M check = more fun enjoying the trails and less time on the trailside fixing mechanicals.

8 easy steps on how to check your MTB

  1. Starting at your front wheel: using your thumb pull the quick release lever to check that it is tight
  2. Run your fingers round all of your spokes, both sides, to check for even tension on no ‘baggy’ spokes
  3. Press down on your tyre to check the pressure is good, and spin the wheel to make sure it’s turning freely and evenly
  4. Holding the front brake, place your finger and thumb round your headset and rock the bike back and forth to ensure there’s no unwanted movement
  5. Move down to your cranks and holding one in each hand check for play, then check that your pedals are spinning freely
  6. Check your saddle is securely fixed and not damaged
  7. Follow the same procedure as before to check your rear tyre and spokes
  8. Do the bounce test to make sure nothing feels loose in the rear end

Tick, tick, tick, tick…

What can you learn in a minute? Well, quite a lot as it turns out…

From changing a gear cable to mastering the attack position, in the #MTBminute we take on some of the most pressing questions around your mountain bike life and attempt to show you the key stages in just 60 seconds!

Using decades of collective guiding, riding and mechanical experience we’ve carefully created each minute-long video to give easy-to-follow, practical tips that will instantly demystify skills and techniques. They might still take a lifetime to master but with the #MTBminute at least you’ll be off to a solid start.

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