How to cross a gate with an E-MTB

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How to cross a gate with an E-MTB


E-mountain bikes have increased in popularity greatly in recent years, featuring in every aspect of the MTB world, from EWS, to E-MTB world champs, to weekend adventures with your mates. But riding and managing an e-bike require a slightly different skill set and approach to almost every aspect of mountain biking.

In this episode of the #EMTBMinute Chris will show you how to cross a gate with an E-MTB, which brings into play one of the main differences between normal mountain bikes and electric mountain bikes: weight.

With these few top tips and a bit of practice you’ll be riding those harder to access trails on the other side of a fence on your next big E-MTB adventure, and getting the most fun out of riding your e-mountain bike.

10 steps on how to cross a gate with an E-MTB

  1. Firstly, is this the only way to get to the other side? Least path of resistance is best
  2. Remove the battery to save a lot of weight
  3. Stand on the non-drive side of the bike
  4. Raise non-drive side crank to the top
  5. Grab bike low down on fork and rear triangle
  6. Stand up using legs and keep back straight
  7. Hook the non-drive side pedal on top of gate (if the gate is robust enough to take it)
  8. Reposition yourself to opposite side of gate
  9. Lift bike down crefully
  10. Fit battery and continue enjoying your ride!

Tick, tick, tick, tick…

What can you learn in a minute? Well, quite a lot as it turns out…

From setting up your e-mountain bike to how to cross a gate with an E-MTB, in the #EMTBminute we take on some of the most pressing questions around your e-mountain bike life and attempt to show you the key stages in just 60 seconds!

Using decades of collective guiding, riding and mechanical experience we’ve carefully created each minute-long video to give easy-to-follow, practical tips that will instantly demystify skills and techniques. They might still take a lifetime to master but with #EMTBminute at least you’ll be off to a solid start.

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