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DIVERSITY – An Ecuador MTB Film

DIVERSITY - an Ecuador MTB Film from H+I Adventures
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Diversity: An Ecuador MTB Film


Exploring Ecuador with Thomas and Scotty

ECUADOR; one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world. This small South American nation is densely packed with the most incredible range of ecosystems and trail networks.

From urban jump lines to dense jungle and active volcanic slopes, we take Thomas Vanderham and Scotty Laughland from the familiar to the unknown – beyond anything they’ve ridden before – to experience first-hand the ever-changing landscapes, weather and trail types of Ecuador.

Scrubbing the natural jumps of Ibarra on our Ecuador MTB Film

“The opportunity to explore Ecuador was one I couldn’t pass up, and it certainly did not disappoint. The terrain is amazing, with a level of diversity that I haven’t seen many other places in the world. From the hot desert, to the dank jungle, to volcanic ridge lines the continually changing environment made it feel like a few trips packed into one.

On top of that the locals are incredible hosts, eager to share not only their trails but their food and culture as well. It all made for a very memorable trip!”


Heading towards the volcano - Ecuador MTB Film
Meeting locals during the creation of Ecuador mountain bike film
Racing past Quilotoa in the west Andes - Ecuador MTB Film
Heaven's ridge delivering the goods on our Ecuador MTB Film

“Flying into Ecuador, I was immediately captured by the mountains and green landscape. Greeted by our guides, I could tell it was going to be a week of good times, they were excited and stoked about the Ecuadorian mountain bike scene. I wasn’t disappointed…

The trails were incredible, from the North to the South, each destination along the way was uniquely diverse. There was one highlight; riding an active volcano, Cotopaxi, I don’t think I’ve had anything quite compare, it was insane and everyone came down yelling that was one of the best ever.”


Ecuador MTB Film
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