Scotty Laughland’s GoPro Quick Tips

Mounting to the helmet in this MTBminute Scotty Laughland's GoPro quick tips
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Scotty Laughland’s GoPro Quick Tips


Get the best from your GoPro Hero 7

It’s pretty hard to go riding anywhere these days without seeing a GoPro on top of a helmet or strapped to a chest. For some people they’ve become a staple part of day-to-day riding. It’s easy to see why given their tiny size and weight, they’re the perfect tool for capturing the vistas you ride through, that section of sublime singletrack, or simply the carnage of riding with your mates.

They’ll work well straight out the box but we’ve got a few tips that could take your ride footage from good to great, thanks to Scotty Laughland who, it’s safe to say, has spent a lot of time mountain biking with a GoPro strapped to him:

A few easy GOPro Hero 7 tips

  1. Use 1080p resolution for everyday use
  2. For higher quality use 4k
  3. For 10X slo mo shoot down to 240fps
  4. Use hypersmooth for smooth footage
  5. Use protune to customise your footage
  6. ‘Wide’ provides good POV without a fisheye effect
  7. Lower shutter speed for cinematic motion blur

Tick, tick, tick, tick…

What can you learn in a minute? Well, quite a lot as it turns out…

From changing a gear cable to mastering the attack position, in the #MTBminute we take on some of the most pressing questions around your mountain bike life and attempt to show you the key stages in just 60 seconds!

Using decades of collective guiding, riding and mechanical experience we’ve carefully created each minute-long video to give easy-to-follow, practical tips that will instantly demystify skills and techniques. They might still take a lifetime to master but with the #MTBminute at least you’ll be off to a solid start.

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