Life at H+I

From the outside it might seem that life at H+I simply consists of riding our bikes in exciting destinations. Whilst that’s the inspiration behind everything we do, the reality is a little different for our tight-knit office team based in the Scottish Highlands.

Daily life at our Highland HQ generally follows the standard nine-to-five schedule, but it’s far from the usual office grind. We kick off each day with the plunge of a cafetière and a catch up, before answering enquiries, planning new adventures, preparing for outgoing and incoming tours, and even squeezing in a lunchtime lap to boost our energy levels.

The core office crew is led by partners-in-crime Catherine and Euan who started H+I Adventures more than 12 years ago after leaving the big smoke behind them. Joining them in the office is Victoria, Chris (when not out guiding!), our videographer Douglas, and, in summer, our expert Scottish guides.

Whilst our Inverness base may be the heart of H+I Adventures, we have a dedicated international family of local guides and support teams who play a key role in helping us to deliver the finest mountain bike and E-MTB adventures in the business.

Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes of life at H+I Adventures HQ…

The H+I Adventures' office skyline as seen on Life at H+I
Bike on the rack outside as part of Life at H+I
The office space pictured on the Life at H+I page.

Slide A portrait of Euan Wilson as seen in Life at H+I EUAN WILSON The “other half’ of H+I, Euan has been here since day one, although his days as a guide are few and far between now. Instead he focuses on tour development which sees him with the arduous task of finding exciting new destinations and crafting all the little details that go into every adventure.
It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it!
He also works closely with our industry partners, like Yeti, Fox and Shimano, to help them deliver their brand objectives.

Slide A portrait of Catherine Shearer on the Life at H+I CATHERINE SHEARER ‘Cat’, together with husband Euan, took the plunge and moved to the Scottish Highlands to bring the idea of H+I Adventures to life.
With a background in marketing that’s exactly what she takes care of at H+I, so if you're looking for an MTB tour, you'll find us.
Cat is a massive foodie, and loves to sample the world’s cuisine on her mountain bike!
She packs a punch despite being small in stature, so make sure you keep her fed and don’t let the 'hanger' set in… Otherwise you’ll be in trouble.
Life at H+I
Busy in the office in Life at H+I
Discussions between guides and office staff as seen on the Life at H+I page.
A team meeting as seen on Life at H+I
Brake bleeds on the Life at H+I page

Slide A portrait of Victoria Holt as seen on Life at H+I VICTORIA HOLT Call the office or enquire by email and chances are it’ll be Victoria that you’ll speak to.
The most recent addition to the team, Victoria takes care of all of our rider needs from general enquiries, to bookings, to logistics.
She’s lived and worked in Malaysia, Singapore, and New Zealand, and she'll make sure you’re perfectly suited to your dream mountain bike adventure.
Her position within the company is definitely bolstered by her amazing ability to keep the office stocked up with the finest of snacks.

Slide A portrait of Douglas Tucker as part of the Life at H+I page DOUGLAS TUCKER Douglas has, without doubt, the best facial hair in the office, although granted the opposition is patchy, at best…
He has been the man behind all our video content over the last couple of years which you might have seen on our website and social media channels.
From Namibia to Ecuador and everything in between, Douglas has had a busy few years helping bring our tours to life in video.
Coffee consumption also spiked by about 80% when Douglas joined the team.
Busy setting up rental bikes as seen on the Life at H+I page
EVOC bike bags as seen on the Life at H+I page.
Douglas packing a bike ready for travel as seen on the Life at H+I

Slide A portrait of Chris Gibbs as part of the Life at H+I page CHRIS GIBBS The Bear, as he’s affectionately known, is the lead guide here at H+I. With his rock and roll days behind him, you’re more likely to find him on the rocky and rolling trails guiding our coast-to-coast and Highland Odyssey tours.
As lead guide he is in charge of training new guides and making sure they deliver our tours to their full potential. He also spends a lot of time on the tools in the workshop, keeping our fleet of Yeti demo bikes in fine fettle.
Life at H+I