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MTBminute – How to replace Gear Cable

mountain bike tours how to replace gear cable - the MTB minute
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How to replace shimano gear cable


Learn how to replace gear cable

When you’re taking on those techy or long slogging uphills there’s little worse than rough and grinding gears. The skipped cog and the crunch of the chain seem to hit at the vital moment when you need to dig in and clear yet another root!

Luckily these issues are often just a symptom of stretched or worn gear cables and can easily be remedied with a swift switch and a bit of mechanical TLC.

In this episode of the #MTBminute Chris Gibbs, H+I Adventures lead guide in Scotland, is back with his top tips for how to replace gear cable and get your gears gliding over the cogs smoothly again.

12 simple steps on how to replace gear cable

  1. Shift to hardest gear
  2. Loosen gear cable from rear mech
  3. Remove dust cover from shifter
  4. Snip cable end off and pull through from shifter end
  5. Release clutch in rear mech
  6. Push rear mech by hand to test limit screws and adjust screws if required
  7. Feed new cable from the shifter
  8. Hold the cable outer at the mech end and pull inner to take up slack
  9. Insert ferral over the inner cable and locate on end of cable outer
  10. Insert into mech and tighten inner cable to a torq range between 4-7Nm
  11. Adjust barrel adjust at shifter to fine tune
  12. Replace dust cap and tidy inner cable

Tick, tick, tick, tick…

What can you learn in a minute? Well, quite a lot as it turns out…

From changing a gear cable to mastering the attack position, in the #MTBminute we take on some of the most pressing questions around your mountain bike life and attempt to show you the key stages in just 60 seconds!

Using decades of collective guiding, riding and mechanical experience we’ve carefully created each minute-long video to give easy-to-follow, practical tips that will instantly demystify skills and techniques. They might still take a lifetime to master but with the #MTBminute at least you’ll be off to a solid start.

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