Why H+I Adventures?

Experience The art of adventure™ on our mountain bike tours

In 2007 we (Euan Wilson + Catherine Shearer) decided to take the plunge and turn our passion for discovering new places on our mountain bikes into a full-time profession, and H+I Adventures was born.

Having spent countless hours researching and organising our own mountain bike tours – often getting it wrong and wasting our precious holiday time climbing a descent and then arguing about whose fault it was (for the record, it was Euan’s) – we decided to use our experiences to create a better way for adventurous travellers to see the world from the saddle of their mountain bikes.

Since then, from our base in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, we’ve put our hearts and souls into crafting mountain bike tours that reflect the way we like to travel, and the way we think you’ll enjoy too.

We love what we do, we love sharing our favourite places with you and giving you experiences that you’ll remember forever. We’ve met extraordinary people through our years of biking and travelling, and we feel extremely privileged to be able to call this work and to continue creating new experiences and meeting new people in the most beautiful places across the globe.

Come and join our International Clan of Adventurers and see where your mountain bike could take you!

Journeys designed to be a physical + sensory adventure

At H+I Adventures we specialise in mountain biking adventures. That’s all we do.

We’re passionate about exploring the world by mountain bike, and our tours are a carefully crafted combination of physical challenges and cultural adventures.

Everything has been considered; the route, the tracks, the accommodation, the food, the flow of the day, the flow of the week. Everything thought through to make sure each day is memorable. Epic scenery, rich culture, wonderful food, great company. We take great care and pride in crafting experiences you’ll savour and memories that that will last a lifetime.

We are constantly striving to innovate and improve and achieve our ultimate goal; setting the standard in international mountain bike travel™.

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Knowledgeable local guides + true companions

At the heart of a great adventure is a great guide. And we have some of the greatest mountain bike guides in the world.

All our guides are highly experienced and qualified mountain bike experts. They’ll guide you through every stage of the journey, keeping the pace just right and assisting you to be a technically better rider.

Each is hand-picked as a mountain biking ambassador in their region and alongside our international guide exchange programme, we have created a network for training and knowledge exchange that sets the standard for international guiding.

Our guides also have experience beyond mountain bikes, making them genuinely interesting hosts and good companions. They are extremely well travelled, love the romance of travel and the excitement of an adventure. And whilst they don’t take life all too seriously, they do care passionately about the journey and the group’s experience.

They say a good guide is like a good companion. Someone who’s company you enjoy. Someone who makes you smile. Someone who can surprise and delight you. Someone who’s advice you can seek if something is worrying you. And someone who instinctively knows when to leave you in peace.

That sounds just like an H+I Adventures guide.

The world's most inspiring places

We only go to the most interesting and inspiring of destinations.

Places that we find exciting. Places that we love touring. Places that have something more to offer adventure travellers than the usual tourist destinations. And we get you closer to the true character of that place.

Not only are our guides experts, they are also local to the destination. They use their local knowledge and insights to get you closer to the countryside, closer to the culture and closer to the people. Revealing the hidden gems of inspiration that only local people know about.

And we use this local knowledge to make sure the whole journey embraces the best of that location. The best local food. The best local hotel. The best local culture. It’s our commitment to keeping everything local, that makes our adventures so authentic, real and full of character.

What our riders say...

This (Slovenia) was my second trip with H+I and I was once again blown away with the experience. A lot of thought and hard work has gone into this tour. A stunningly beautiful country. If you book this trip you wont be disappointed. Our group was the best, my sides were aching as much as my legs from laughing so hard. Thank you once again to the H+I team. I’ll definitely be back.

Matt - Australia

Utterly amazing, from the pre-trip organisation to every last detail on the trip outstandingly put together. Mind blowing experience of a spell bounding country. Best way to have experienced Nepal. H+I’s standards of trip logistics are second to none, we will definitely be booking another trip with you.

Emma - UK

Using a bicycle to explore these new, and beautiful, places with our excellent guide made for the experience of a lifetime. Not only did we get expose to great trail, places, and sights, but we got such a real feel for the Cairngorms. We left with new friends, improved skills, enhanced knowledge, and memories of an adventure that will last forever. Thank you so much to the H+I team for showing us such a great time!

Jake - USA

I can’t imagine a better way to see Africa. This trip takes you off the beaten path into places that few ever get to see. And bonus! You get to do it on your mountain bike! A bunch of the rides have leapfrogged to the top of my lifetime list of epically great rides, which alone, was worth the trip. The guides and support were really great too, mixing in useful biking tips with local culture and just plain good conversation.

Matt - USA

Responsible travel on two wheels

Responsible, sustainable mountain biking tourism is about benefiting people and environments, and preserving communities and cultures.

In practice…

  • We use only local mountain bike guides in all of the areas where we ride. This ensures that a greater portion of the revenue from our trips stays in the local community
  • We use family-run accommodation and cafés/ restaurants in each location, where you will be made to feel at home and you’ll enjoy the local way of life and delicious home-cooked meals
  • We strive to work with partners in each country who are engaged in local community projects
  • You’ll have the chance to engage with the culture and nature of each region on our mountain biking holidays. You’ll have time off the bike to enjoy and learn about the indigenous wildlife, products, crafts and history of the area
  • Sustainable tourism is to everyone’s benefit: by contributing to the economy of the communities we visit we help them to thrive, which means we can continue to enjoy their treasures

Feel secure when booking...

abtot_150x150When you book your mountain bike trip with H+I Adventures you can be sure that your money is safe.

We are members of and bonded by the Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust Limited (ABTOT), which provides financial protection under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992.

... and safe when travelling

Global Rescue logoH+I Adventures has partnered with Global Rescue to offer the finest medical and security evacuation services; protecting all of our international travellers.

Global Rescue delivers world-class emergency services, from detailed reports on more than 200 countries to help travellers prepare, to medical evacuations and security extractions when needed most.

This level of attention is something we believe sets a standard in customer safety and means you can feel completely safe when travelling with us.

An international clan of adventurers

Our mountain bike tours are small group adventures. A journey and a series of experiences shared by people from around the world.

People begin an H+I adventure as strangers and finish as lifelong friends. People that have travelled from many different countries and very different backgrounds that bond almost instantly as the journey begins. And that sense of camaraderie extends beyond that one, specific journey as many of our adventurers return again and again for the H+I experience.

Different journeys, different trails, different food, different memories with that same feeling and fondness towards all members of the H+I Adventures Clan.

In the words of the clan...

The thing that has set this trip apart for me has been the H+I people and all the extra effort they go too make our trip easier, more fun or more educational. Every single one of the H+I team will go the extra mile. Everything from helping me pack my bike up for the way home to making sure there was tea and cakes ready when we got back the HQ.

Adam - UK

I have to say I think the guide, Mandil really made the trip (along with Rocky, Snow Monkey, Robbie, and REM- yes these are real people…!) I thoroughly enjoyed their company (and humor!) and learned some great Nepali language and culture from them. They guided us through adventurous biking, insane plane rides, delicious food, unique accommodations, and amazing towns through the Himalayas.

Katherine - USA

The H+I team did an incredible job of ensuring everything ran smoothly right from the get go, really professional, helpful and relaxed. Catherine was super helpful in the preparation for our trip and our guide Euan was a wealth of local knowledge, always had a variety of trail options on offer depending on what we wanted to do that day and kept spirits high even when the rain showed up.

Vanessa - Canada

A few awards we've won

A few awards we've won

In the media

H+I Adventures in the media

Professional standards with a personal touch

We care passionately about our customers. Our number one priority is to make sure everybody finishing our mountain bike tours has nothing but extremely positive feelings and comments. That’s why we pay so much attention to the detail. Making sure everything runs smoothly, that nothing’s left to chance.

But our attention to detail isn’t cold and calculated as everything we do is personal. We take time to get to know our customers and treat them as you would a friend. No faceless call centres, just good, old-fashioned customer service from people who know and love H+I adventures.

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