Why H+I Adventures?

Experience The art of adventure™ with us

If you’re not happy with the situation, change it. That’s what we did when we created H+I Adventures, back in 2007. Mountain bike travel in the early days was unimaginative and uninspiring: shuttle up, ride down, stay in a chalet… rinse and repeat. 

As people who lived to travel with our mountain bikes and immerse ourselves in new places and cultures, this wasn’t good enough for us. So, we decided to disrupt the status quo, start afresh and set about crafting our very own international mountain bike adventures; ones that really fuelled and reflected our passion for experiencing the world on two wheels.

More importantly, we wanted these to be experiences that we would be proud to share with other adventurous mountain bikers – like you. Because, as we all know, there’s nothing better than the elation of exceeding (what you thought were) your own limits, then looking around to see that same feeling etched on the faces of all your riding buddies.

From the very first seed of an idea, we painstakingly craft every aspect of our adventures. Working with local experts across the globe – craftspeople in their own right – we consider every moment of your tour, carefully orchestrating extraordinary experiences that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

We believe that there’s a real art in blending all the ingredients of a mountain bike tour, some of which you may not even notice, but together they harmonise like the soundscape of a movie, heightening the senses and enhancing your experience.

In the words of one H+I Adventurer from Colorado:

“These trips are never just a ‘biking holiday’ for me. They are life altering experiences, that not only make me a better rider, but a better human as well.”

That’s the Art of Adventure.

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