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Mountain biking in the wilderness: essential kit


What should I pack for mountain biking in the wilderness?

There’s nothing better than escaping the busy local trails and heading for the backcountry and a big day of mountain biking in the wilderness.

The remote and hard to reach areas might reward you with amazing trails, but there’s no getting away from the fact you need to be prepared for whatever challenge might be tossed up whether that be weather, a mechanical, or an injury.

As guides it’s just part of our job to be prepared for any eventuality when mountain biking in the wilderness. We’ve drawn on lead guide Chris Gibb’s extensive knowledge and experience in our latest MTBminute on essential kit to pack for your wilderness ride:

Essential kit for mountain biking in the wilderness

  1. Tyre plugs, levers, inner tubes, and pump
  2. Spare derailleur hanger for your bike
  3. Multi-tool
  4. Fully charged phone
  5. Map and compass
  6. Easily accessible food
  7. Spare base layer, warm layer, and waterproof
  8. Knee pads
  9. Sun cream, lip balm, and buff

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