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In the Spotlight – Mountain Bike Adventures Africa

Mountain bike adventures Africa, hike-a-biking in Morocco
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Mountain Bike Adventures Africa – In the Spotlight

We shine the spotlight on our mountain bike adventures Africa taking in the countries of Namibia and Morocco.

Showcasing our unforgettable Mountain Bike Adventures Africa

Few destinations capture the imagination quite life Africa, evoking iconic images of dry savanna teeming with all kinds of wildlife, rolling sand dunes, and fiery orange sunsets.

We might have just two destinations on the continent made up of over 50 nations, but they’re two very different countries with polar opposite riding, landscapes, and cultures. Travelling to Africa isn’t exactly ground-breaking these days, but travelling with your bike is a really special way to connect with these countries and all the treasures they have to offer.

Namibia has been part of our tour line-up since 2014 whilst Morocco became our latest addition this summer, one we’re hugely excited about. Two very different adventures, their similarities stopping at the fact they’re under the African banner. The riding in the High Atlas demands a higher skill set than the rolling hills of Namibia, and you certainly won’t be seeing any lions or zebra in Morocco!

Namibia – Mountain Bike Safari Tour

Imagine the thrill of pedalling along red dirt roads, feeling the sun on your back, surrounded by endless spectacular horizons when, suddenly, you spot a herd of zebra grazing in the distance. No matter how many more zebra you see during your holiday, you’ll never forget your first sighting of wild animals in their natural habitat on our mountain bike safari tour Namibia.

If wildlife spotting during the day weren’t enough, you’ll be star-spotting by night in the vast, clear skies over your camp in the Namib desert.

Taking in Swakopmund, Etosha National Park, and Sossusvlie by bike, foot, and Landrover, we also travel to some of the lesser-known corners of Namibia. Our itinerary caught the eye of National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine, featuring it in their picks of the ‘Best Tours in Africa’.

Tour Highlights

  • Tucking into delicious apple pie in Solitaire
  • Spotting giraffe, zebra + oryx from the saddle of your bike
  • Cycling from the Skeleton Coast to the Huab River
  • Camping under cloudless, star-filled skies
  • Spending a day at Etosha National Park with an expert guide
  • Meeting indigenous communities, such as the Himba tribe


For all the detail on our Mountain Bike Safari Tour Namibia head to the tour page.

Morocco – High Atlas Traverse

The second of our mountain bike adventures Africa, Morocco is a country of contrasts. From the hustle and bustle of the the Marrakech souks, to the ancient settlements dotted high up in the Atlas Mountains, taking in the arid mountain terrain and lush green valleys as we ride through this culturally rich country.

A wide network of ancient trails has been carved by the passing of hooves and feet as the nomadic Berbers moved from place-to-place. These trails are now ideal for passionate mountain bikers.

When you’re traversing the High Atlas Mountains on two wheels the riding is incredible, as are the food, landscapes, and people within it. The Moroccans are some of the most hospitable and generous people we’ve ever come across.

Tour Highlights

  • Staying in high-end, traditional Moorish accommodation
  • Descending over 3,000m from high mountain passes
  • Soaring high over the countryside in a hot air balloon
  • Stopping for mid-ride mint tea with your local Berber team
  • Discovering the colours, sounds and smells of the souks in Marrakech

Delve into every detail of our Moroccan adventure on the tour page.

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