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Crafting life-affirming MTB and E-MTB adventures

We’re H+I and we’re made from adventure. We believe that it shapes us, moulds us, and makes us who we are. That’s why we specialise in crafting life-affirming mountain bike and e-mountain bike tours worldwide. That’s all we do.

H+I Adventures grew from a passion for mountain bike travel and a desire to do things better. The traditional style of mountain bike travel – shuttle up, ride down, and repeat – didn’t excite us. As people who lived to travel and immerse ourselves in new places and cultures, we were looking for more.

We wanted to craft our own mountain bike tours that reflected and fuelled our passion for experiencing the world on two wheels. Most importantly, this meant they had to be developed with and led by expert local guides.

In 2007, H+I Adventures was born. Initially, we offered tours in the Scottish Highlands (at that time ‘H+I’ stood for ‘Highlands and Islands’) with a small team of local guides. Then, driven by our riders and our own love of travel, we launched our international adventures and grew our family of guides to the outstanding global team that you see today.

Together with our expert local teams we painstakingly craft, not only the routes you’ll ride, but every aspect of your adventure – from the finest local food and drink, to the most welcoming accommodations – carefully orchestrating extraordinary experiences that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

“These trips are never just a ‘biking holiday’ for me. They are life altering experiences, that not only make me a better rider, but a better human as well.”
Gerrit from Colorado

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Why H+I Adventures?

The devil is in the detail - and we're obsessed by the detail!

This attention-to-detail permeates everything we do, and is one of the things that makes us different. Here are some of the others…

Every one of our adventures is personally crafted by one of our founders, in partnership with our expert local guides. We’ve considered, tested and refined every aspect of your adventure, so that you have an unforgettable experience, wherever you travel with us. But, that doesn’t mean that all tours are identical – far from it.

Thanks to the intimate knowledge of our in-country guide teams, your adventure will be an immersion into the unique culture, communities and landscapes in each region, which will benefit both you and the local people living in these remarkable places. Our local teams are made up of small operators, many of whom live in very remote communities with limited prospects for employment. The vast majority of income (around $70 of every $100 spent by you) remains in these places, where it matters most and supports small scale tourism.

What else sets us apart? Our personal service for one thing, and the fact that, from the moment you contact us, you’ll be speaking to a mountain biker who understands you. We’ll be with you every step of the way, doing our level best to make sure that you’re booked onto the perfect tour for you, and helping you organise all the details of your adventure with us.

We’re also committed to elevating the profession of mountain bike guiding across the globe. We have created a professional development programme and resource hub for all of our guides to contribute to, and benefit from. This vast wealth of collective guide experience is allowing us to set the benchmark in international mountain bike tour guiding.