Ultimate Yeti SB5.5 Build

Ultimate Yeti SB5.5 - H+I Story
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The Ultimate Yeti SB5.5 Build

Join Euan in the workshop as he crafts the latest (and greatest?) bike in the H+I stable, the Yeti SB5.5

Sending the Yeti SB5.5 out with a bang

The release of the Yeti SB150 has set the mountain bike world alight. Pinkbike was inundated with comments like never before as the armchair warriors rose from their slumber and hit the keyboards – hard. Aside from the sheer volume of comments what was unusual with them was how strikingly positive they seem to have been.

Commentators were keen to voice their approval of the up-specced shock, new ‘modern’ geometry, resulting extended reach and, most importantly, the opportunity to finally stash a bottle inside the frame!

Amongst all this fanfare there was, however, a response that none of us saw coming; the resounding voice of the loyal Yeti SB5.5 fans who wanted it to be known that their bikes are, and always will be, the true enduro king.

This group was not without its supporters here at H+I HQ.

Since we first took the Yeti SB5.5 to Norway on our maiden voyage into the fjords we’ve been huge fans of this bike and its ability to ride up without any bob and point down with a perfect blend of poise, grip and outright aggression.

As a farewell to this legend of modern mountain bikes we wanted to go out with a bang and piece together one final special build.

Selecting our favourite and most trusted parts from FOX, Shimano, DT Swiss and Race Face we think we’ve pulled together a bike that might just be the best we’ve ever ridden.

Sure, we’re still trying to find the optimum pin height on the Saint pedals and might still be a click and a turn away from getting the DHX2 coil to hit the sweet spot but while we’re tinkering you can enjoy a couple of minutes of seeing how this beauty came together.

So, grab some popcorn, sit back, enjoy and then keep your eyes peeled for more news on this bike as we shuttle it round the world tracking down the next big adventure.

Ultimate Yeti SB5.5 - starting the build
Ultimate Yeti SB5.5 MTB - cutting the fork steerer
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