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Mountain Bike Adventures South America – In the Spotlight

Kicking up dust on our mountain bike tour Ecuador
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Mountain Bike Adventures South America – In the Spotlight

We cast our attention on our mountain bike adventures in South America in the equally stunning and diverse nations of Ecuador and Chile.

Delving into our mountain bike adventures in South America

For many people, travelling to South America and exploring this exotic continent on two wheels might just be the pinnacle of mountain bike adventures. The faces, vistas, food, and cultures are most probably far removed from your day-to-day life… That is, after all, the simple pleasure of travelling to new places.

We offer two South American mountain bike tours, one weaving through the wonders of the Lakes & Volcanoes region in Chile + Patagonia, and a high altitude, downhill-dominated thrill ride in the Andes of Ecuador.

The two countries sandwich Peru on the west coast of the continent and although they are not quite neighbours, both are as uniquely enchanting as the each other.

Ecuador – The deserts, lush forests, and volcanoes of the Andes

Ecuador will leave you breathless, not only from the trails and landscapes, but also from the fact that you’ll reach some rather lofty altitudes in the shadow of the Cotopaxi volcano. Although high altitudes are no bad thing… High altitudes equal long descents!

The fun doesn’t stop when the wheels cease moving, however. Your 10-day trip will take in the world’s first UNESCO Heritage Site in Quito, you’ll also be able to swap bikes for horseback and even try the local delicacy of guinea pig, if you should feel so inclined…

Hacienda in front of Cotopaxi volcano, Ecuador
Volcano and hacienda in Ecuador

With 46 different eco-systems, 14 active volcanoes, four world heritage sites, one of the world’s richest bio-diversities, and some of the finest trails around you’ll be left longing for more at the end of your time in Ecuador.

Tour Highlights

  • Exploring Quito, the world’s first UNESCO Heritage Site
  • Meeting local artisans at Otavolo market
  • Swapping bikes for horses + being a chagra for the day
  • Visiting a local re-forestation project
  • Staying in a working hacienda in the shadow of Cotopaxi
  • Trying local delicacies, like guinea pig!


For all the details on our mountain bike tour Ecuador head to the tour page.

Meeting locals during the creation of Ecuador mountain bike film

Chile + Patagonia – Be left blown away by the Lakes & Volcanoes region

Our route through the wilderness landscapes of Chile weaves north to south through the heart of the impressive Lakes and Volcanoes region before ending up on the northern fringes of Patagonia… Taking in lava fields and ancient araucaria forests as we go.

You’ll feel like you’ve ridden back into the jurassic period with snow-capped volcanoes towering above lush green forests, it’s certainly a surreal environment in which to ride your bike

The lure of Chile’s untouched trails was so strong it attracted Matt Hunter to venture out on an exploratory adventure a few years ago.

Tour Highlights

  • Learning about native Mapuche culture over a traditional dinner
  • Soaking in some of the world’s most picturesque hot springs
  • Sampling fine Chilean wines
  • Riding through hugely diverse landscapes and eco-systems
  • Celebrating with a traditional asado dinner

Delve into every detail of our Chilean adventure on the tour page.

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