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Ross gives us an overview of our mountain bike and E-MTB tours in Europe – which will you choose?

Sit back, relax, and feast your eyes on our mountain biking adventures in Europe

The beauty of Europe is in its diverse cultures and landscapes, both of which reflect directly in the mountain biking that each individual country offers up. H+I Adventures started out from a northern corner of Scotland, but our love for experiencing new cultures soon had us venturing further afield, both within and outside of Europe.

We now have 13 MTB and E-MTB tours across 5 countries in Europe (plus 4 in Scotland!), all wonderfully unique and crafted to cater for a wide range of abilities. From the high Alpine backcountry of Switzerland, to the dry and dusty Sierra Nevada where you can gorge yourself silly on tapas.

We’ve rounded up all of our European mountain bike tours in one place so you can discover why we’ve carefully handpicked these destinations:

Croatia – Immersing in the green and blue of Istria

Mountain bikers in Hum, Croatian mtb scene. One of our mountain biking adventures in Europe. One of our highlights of 2018.
E-MTB tour of Croatia evening relaxation
Sunset riding on Krk Island, Croatian mtb scene. One of our mountain biking adventures in Europe.

Two wheels are the perfect way of exploring the green and blue of the beautiful Istria region in the north of the country. You’ll spin through fortified hilltop villages onto rolling wooden singletrack before hugging the inviting turquoise waters of the Adriatic, on your way to the islands of Krk and Rab.

Italy – a sublime E-MTB adventure on the coast of Tuscany

E-mountain bikers on the coast of Elba, E-MTB tour Tuscany
Female and male mountain bikers descending, E-MTB tour Tuscany
Wine tasting, E-MTB tour Tuscany

The latest addition to our European menu, our E-MTB tour in Tuscany is a slice of the good life. A spectacular, week-long adventure riding on coastal and island singletrack, and indulging in the most fabulous food + wine, and generous hospitality that this region of Italy has to offer.

This is an area where past and present work in harmony. Your Tuscan home-from-home is an 18th-century agriturismo, set amongst olive groves and with its own private pool. And the technology provided by your e-mountain bike will ensure that you get to experience the very best trails in Tuscany.

Scotland – 3 tours with 3 flavours, plus a fourth short adventure for good measure

Fantastic descending on H+I Adventures coast-to-coast Scotland MTB vacation. One of our mountain biking adventures in UK, Europe.
Top 10 mountain bike trails - Mountain bikers riding in Achnaschellach during a Scotland coast to coast mountain bike tour. One of our mountain biking adventures in Europe.
Cloud inversions and mountains, bikerafting Scotland. One of our mountain biking adventures in Europe.

We know our home turf quite literally like the back of our hands. This has allowed us to craft four very different tours from the long, enduring, but hugely rewarding coast-to-coast, to cherry picking the best trails on our Highland Odyssey adventure, and the slightly tamer but no less beautiful rolling hills in the Cairngorms, and a bonus, 4-day ‘Espresso Adventure’ exploring the isles of Skye and Raasay. Each has a different flavour and demands a different ability, all in the rugged Scottish Highlands.

Slovenia – From the Alps to the Adriatic Sea

Mountain bikers racing through the countryside of Slovenia, one of our mountain biking adventures in Europe.
Crossing a mountain river in the Alps during a mountain bike tour Slovenia, one of our mountain biking adventures in Europe.
Top 10 mountain bike trails - Mountain bikers riding a mountain bike tour Slovenia.

Perhaps THE most European mountain bike adventure of all, given you’ll drop into not only Slovenia, but Italy and Austria for good measure! Taking in both the Julian Alps and stunning Adriatic coastline you’ll discover that this densely forested and water-rich country throw up some amazing terrain to ride mountain bikes in.

Spain – Circumnavigating the Sierra Nevada

It's all down from here - Mountain bike tour Spain
Cali our guide of a Mountain bike tour Spain
All about the food - Mountain bike tour Spain

The south of Spain could well have some of the tastiest cuisine in the world and its trails are certainly nothing to be sniffed at either. Immersing ourselves into Andalucian life we circumnavigate the Sierra Nevada taking in the sights, smells, tastes, and of course the trails which make this a must-ride destination for any self-respecting mountain biker.

Switzerland – Carving through the stunning Graubünden area

If you love descending (with a little bit of climbing!) then Switzerland could well be the one for you. Thanks to Swiss efficiency and the country’s extensive lift network, we are able to gain monstrous heights without breaking a sweat. There will still be climbing of course… The Graubünden area in the south east of the country is guaranteed to create riding memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Group of mountain bikers riding the Bernina Pass during our mountain bike tour Switzerland. One of our mountain biking adventures in Europe.
Thousands of stars in the night sky above San Remerio, one of our accommodations on our mountain bike tour Switzerland
A cow traffic jam on the sigletrack of San Moritz, Switzerland, on our mountain bike tour Switzerland

EWS Travel Finale Ligure – hot descents on the Italian Riviera

Finale Ligure in Italy is synonymous in the mountain bike world thanks to the Enduro World Series. Ride high above the Mediterranean on pristine singletrack, backcountry trails and remote shuttles, to then finish at the beach with a cold beer in hand on this exclusive EWS Travel experience in Finale Ligure.

EWS Travel adventure in Finale 2019 trophy of nations

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