Best E-Mountain Bike rides in Europe

We showcase our new e-mountain bike adventures in Europe.

Putting the spotlight on our European E-mountain bike Destinations

After more than ten years of crafting mountain bike adventures around the world we were delighted to introduce new e-mountain bike trips at the end of 2019. Rather than simply re-purposing our existing mountain bike tours we set out to create all new itineraries perfectly suited to the unique characteristics and benefits of e-mountain bikes.

We currently have four E-MTB tours in Europe, each as different as the next. From the rocky coastline of Croatia to the dusty Sierra Nevada singletrack in Spain and the rugged Swiss Alps to the rolling forests of Slovenia.

Here’s the lowdown on our European e-mountain bike adventures and what makes each special:

Croatia – the greens and blues of Istria

Starting in the lush green of inland Istria we’ll weave our way coastward, passing through ancient hilltop villages and bustling harbours before finishing up on the rocky island of Krk.

Riding your E-MTB through the patchwork of Croatian countryside and coastline will have you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

Stopping to take in the sights on a E-MTB Tour Croatia
Grožnjan street riding E-MTB tour of Croatia
Rocky Krk island trails on a E-MTB Tour Croatia
A gap between a rocky wall as seen on a E-MTB Tour Croatia

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the colourful Mediterranean life of Istria, this E-MTB tour Croatia is for you. From the mountains and forest inland, to the beautiful coastline and islands of the Adriatic, here are a few special moments you can look forward to:

Tour Highlights

  • Wander through charming Venetian towns of blond stucco
  • Take the ferry to Rab, the ‘Happy Island’, to ride the rocky, moonscape trails
  • Watch the sun set over the Adriatic with a glass of local wine in hand
  • Multiple singletrack descents in one day around Grožnjan
  • Relax in the modern spa at your medieval accommodation
  • Feast on local delicacies, like truffles and freshly-caught seafood

For all the details on our E-MTB tour Croatia head to the tour page.

E-MTB tour of Croatia pedal-assisted climbs
Cranking up a climb in Baška on a E-MTB Tour Croatia
E-MTB tour of Croatia and its islands
E-MTB tour of Croatia harbour views

Slovenia – From the Alps to the Adriatic

You don’t have to travel far to find our next European E-MTB destination, in fact it’s just across the border in Slovenia. Although they might be neighbours the countries and terrain vary vastly with the tours following suit.

Slovenia is the most densely forested country in Europe which, combined with its big mountains and rolling hills, makes it one hell of an E-MTB playground. Still not convinced? Keep scrolling…

Mountain life E-MTB tour of Slovenia
E-MTB tour of Slovenia Soča Valley
A view over the village of Drežnica on a E-MTB tour of Slovenia

In addition to a sensational, cross-border e-mountain biking tour from the Julian Alps to the Adriatic coast, here are some more special moments that you can look forward to on our E-MTB tour in Slovenia:

Tour Highlights

  • Tasting artisan cheeses made by local shepherds in the mountains
  • Riding and eating in three countries in one day!
  • Learning about the wartime history of this part of Europe
  • Watching the sun set over the Adriatic
  • Riding pristine Alpine singletrack on your E-MTB
  • Enjoy the changes in local cuisine from mountain to sea

Delve into every detail of our E-MTB Slovenia adventure on the tour page.

E-MTB tour of Slovenia delicious meals
E-MTB tour of Slovenia perfect food
E-MTB tour of Slovenia mountain meadows

Spain – Circumnavigating the Sierra Nevada

Spain has always been a firm favourite with us. The food, the weather, the culture, the trails… There’s so much to love. Having gathered in Málaga we’ll spend the next seven days weaving our way towards Granada, passing through traditional whitewash villages and sampling the local tapas on the the way.

There’s so much to take in from this vibrant country and an E-MTB is the perfect companion for the job.

Mountain bike tours - E-MTB Tours
E-MTB tour of Spain cresting the canyon
E-MTB tour of Spain La Calahorra
E-MTB tour of Spain our guide Javier

In addition to fantastic, challenging e-mountain biking through the mountain landscapes and villages of Andalucía, here are some of the other special moments you can look forward to in Southern Spain:

Tour Highlights

  • Feasting on the best local food + wine
  • Staying in comfortable + unique caves in the ‘Badlands’
  • Learning how the world-famous jamón iberico is produced
  • Bar-hopping on a tapas tour of Granada
  • Riding through the streets of the Albaicín, the old gypsy quarter
  • Being immersed into the local way of life in Andalucía
  • Marvelling at the unique geology of the ‘Desierto de los Colorados’

For all the detail on our E-MTB tour Spain head to the tour page.

High mediterranean trails E-MTB tour of Spain
E-MTB tour of Spain climbing through trees

Switzerland – North to south in beautiful Graubünden

There’s no country so well equipped and enthusiastic about e-mountain bikes than Switzerland, making it one of the best destinations for E-MTB, with its amazing trails.

With the assistance of your E-MTB and the efficient Swiss lift system we’ll venture high and far into the mountains and back country, ensuring we ride on the finest trails possible over the course of the week.

Moody mountains on a E-MTB Tour In Switzerland
Epic descents on a E-MTB Tour In Switzerland
Enjoying the forest trails on a E-MTB Tour In Switzerland

This new E-MTB tour in Switzerland is a real must-do for passionate e-mountain bike travellers, combining breath-taking landscapes with world-class trails and true mountain life. Here are some special moments you can look forward to in Switzerland:

Tour Highlights

  • Spend the day riding the IMBA Epic Trail
  • Experience the Italian side of Switzerland in Poschiavo
  • Ride the famous UNESCO Bernina Express train
  • Enjoy mid-ride rösti in traditional mountain huts
  • Relax each evening with a glass in hand in cosy, family-run hotels
  • Round off your adventure on the perfectly-built flow trails of St. Moritz

Delve into every detail of our Swiss E-MTB adventure on the tour page.

Passing through the picturesque towns on a E-MTB Tour In Switzerland
The Swiss flag fluttering over the mountains on a E-MTB Tour In Switzerland
High up on the Bernina pass E-MTB Tour In Switzerland

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