E-mountain biking skills and tips videos

E-MTB skills and tips videos, H+I Adventures
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E-MTB Skills + Tips videos

Take a look at our E-MTB skills + tips videos to help you get the most out of your e-mountain bike life

How to master e-mountain biking: our skills + tips videos

E-mountain bikes are now a familiar part of the mountain bike scene in most countries, having exploded in popularity over the past few years. The bikes themselves are becoming lighter, and battery and motor technology is getting better all the time, making E-MTBs an attractive proposition for more and more people.

If you’re new to E-MTBs and feeling apprehensive about riding or looking after your e-mountain bike, don’t worry. We’ve produced a suite of 1-minute videos of skills and tips to help you make the most of your E-MTB life.

We’ve also included videos from Shimano and Rob Warner, veteran MTB racer and personality, who is now a total convert to e-mountain biking.

How to set up your E-MTB for its first ride

In this first episode of our #EMTBMinute video series we show you how to get your e-mountain bike set up with a good base setting, so that your e-mountain biking experience gets off to a flying start!

How to corner on an e-mountain bike

Now that you’ve set up your bike correctly and taken it for a few rides, it’s time to start amping up those E-MTB skills. First up is the all-important skill of cornering.

With these few top tips and a bit of practice you’ll be clearing those hard to achieve sections on your local trails, or the natural sections on your next big adventure, ensuring you get the most out of each corner on the trail.

How to tackle a technical climb on your E-MTB

In this episode of the #EMTBMinute Chris will show you how to climb technical terrain on your e-mountain bike.

With these few top tips and a bit of practice you’ll be clearing those tough climbs on all trails – near or far – and getting maximum enjoyment out of riding your eMTB on all types of terrain.

How to cross a gate with your E-MTB

As you explore farther with your e-mountain bike you will, inevitably, have to deal with one of the main differences between an E-MTB and a normal mountain bike: weight.

In this episode of our #EMTBMinute series Chris shows you how to lift your bike safely over a gate, or other obstacle, so that you can continue enjoying your ride.

Most frequently-asked e-MTB questions with Rob Warner for Shimano

In 2022 we filmed a video series with Rob Warner for Shimano, answering the most frequently-asked questions (FAQs) on the internet on the subject of e-mountain bikes. Over the course of five videos Rob chats all things E-MTB with our own Chris Gibbs, in an attempt to answering the most burning questions that people have on the new phenomenon of e-mountain biking.

FAQ #1: Why should I buy an E-MTB?

FAQ #2: Which E-MTb is right for me?

FAQ #3: Where can I test an E-MTB?

FAQ #4: How does an e-MTB differ from an MTB?

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