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The difference between a good eMTB tour and an unforgettable one, is often down to the expertise of your local e-mountain bike guides. And we have some of the very best e-mountain bike guides in the business!

From their background in mountain biking they have, along with so many of you, discovered the benefits of riding E-MTBs and are super excited to share the joy of e-mountain biking in their respective countries with you.

Our e-mountain bike guides also have a wealth of experiences beyond biking, making them genuinely interesting hosts and great companions. They are world travellers who love the thrill of exploration and the excitement of an adventure.

Meet your e-mountain bike guides!

Kurt Ladner, your E-MTB Guide Switzerland

As a professional bike mechanic, Kurt witnessed the growth of mountain biking in Switzerland since the late 1980s and caught the MTB bug himself in 1988.

This led him to MTB marathons in 1994 and then earning a career as one of the first professional bike guides in Switzerland in 1996. He now spends much of his time riding e-mountain bikes, loving the fact that they allow him to access more trails no matter how much or little time he has to ride.

“Growing up in Graubünden, Switzerland, and having so many trails and ski slopes right outside my door, it was almost impossible for me not to fall in love with mountain biking, and more recently, e-mountain biking. It has been part of me almost all my life, it’s in my soul.”

Francesco Guidi, your E-MTB Guide Tuscany

Like most kids, I started to ride bikes at kindergarden, and when I was around 10-years-old the riding got ‘serious’ with the arrival of my first mountain bike.

Now, e-mountain biking is my life and career and I’m so happy to be able to share my passion with riders from all over the world. When I’m not riding I can be found digging trails or organising races and events to keep on developing the scene around Massa Marittima.

Danijel Kovačič, your E-MTB Guide Croatia + Slovenia

“Cycling is much more than just a sport to me. It is a way of life and it is also an art. I am a big fan of custom-made steel and titanium bikes: they might not be the lightest or most technologically advanced – but they have a soul and story!

“I’ve been travelling all around the world, and cycled many unforgettable trails; from misty Alaskan singletracks surrounded for days by ancient glaciers, to hot Namibian sand dunes, and the Thorong La Pass in the Himalayas. Nowadays, I’m enjoying the benefits of a bit of pedal-assist, as your e-mountain bike guide in Slovenia + Croatia.”

Zieggy Mengerssen, your E-MTB Guide Namibia

“Adventure to me is getting out on the bike to soak up the sounds, scenery and smells of the Namibian wilderness, then ending the day with a beer around the camp fire.

“Growing up in South Africa, I fell in love with Namibia on my first visit and decided to make it my home. From the dunes and the desert to the wild bush veld, Namibia is a country of vast beauty and I can’t wait to take you e-mountain biking in the desert and sand dunes to show you why I love it so much.”

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