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E-MTB Tour Switzerland in Photos

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E-MTB Tour Switzerland in Photos

Crossing through the beautiful Graubünden region in our E-MTB Tour Switzerland

Crossing the Alps on an E-MTB Tour Switzerland

If there is one destination that has been ahead of the E-MTB curve it’s Switzerland. We couldn’t believe their abundance when we first headed out four years ago but the more we rode the more we realised how perfectly suited they were to the Swiss Alps.

Tucked away in the south-eastern corner of the country is the beautiful region of Graubünden, home to our E-MTB Tour Switzerland. Our e-mountain bike adventure in Switzerland includes everything from border crossings, to a mid-ride shuttle on the UNESCO Bernina Express, to sampling the local rösti in remote mountain huts. There will certainly be no shortage of sensational trails too, with both the extensive Swiss lift system and our E-MTBs to take us far into the mountains.

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