Meet your guides

At the heart of a great adventure are great mountain bike tour guides. And we have some of the greatest mountain bike and e-mountain bike guides in the world.

All of our team are highly experienced and qualified mountain bike experts there to guide you through every stage of your journey; keeping the pace just right and helping to make you a better rider.

Each is hand-picked as a mountain biking ambassador in their region and alongside our international guide exchange programme, we have created a network for training and knowledge exchange that sets the standard for international guiding.

Our guides also have a wealth of experiences beyond mountain biking, making them genuinely interesting hosts and great companions. They are world travellers who love the romance of exploration and the excitement of an adventure.

A good guide is someone whose company you enjoy. Someone who makes you smile. Someone who can surprise and delight you. Someone whose advice you can seek, and someone who instinctively knows when to leave you in peace.

That’s an H+I Adventures guide.