Single speed fanatic and mountain bike guide Slovenia & Croatia Danijel Kovačič will make your adventure

“Cycling is much more than just a sport to me. It is a way of life and it is also an art. I am a big fan of custom-made steel and titanium bikes: they might not be the lightest or most technologically advanced – but they have a soul and story! My favourite bike at the moment is a rigid singlespeed steel fatty, which I ride when out being a mountain bike guide in Slovenia & Croatia.

“I’ve been travelling all around the world, and cycled many unforgettable trails; from misty Alaskan singletracks surrounded for days by ancient glaciers, to hot Namibian sand dunes, and making my way up to Thorong la pass (5416m) in the Himalayas. But wherever I go, I am always looking forward to returning to be a local mountain bike guide, Slovenia & Croatia.”

Meet Danijel your mountain bike guide in Slovenia and Croatia