Local Switzerland MTB + E-MTB guide, Kurt Ladner, has mountain biking in his soul

As a professional bike mechanic, Kurt witnessed the growth of mountain biking in Switzerland since the late 1980s and caught the MTB bug himself in 1988.

This led him to MTB marathons in 1994 and then earning a career as one of the first professional bike guides in Switzerland in 1996.

“Growing up in Graubünden, Switzerland, and having so many trails and ski slopes right outside my door, it was almost impossible for me not to fall in love with mountain biking. It has been part of me almost all my life, it’s in my soul.

“Now with the explosion of e-mountain biking across Switzerland, I can go farther and ride more of these amazing trails every time I go out, it’s incredible!”

Profile shot, MTB tour guide Kurt Ladner