Nepal national DH champion, Nishma Shrestha, loves sharing the hidden gems of the Himalayas

“I was introduced to mountain biking as a kid by my uncle who was a passionate mountain biker. I have been riding ever since and have competed at a national level. I even managed to win the National Downhill Championship in 2022!

“Alongside my love for biking, I also studied Travel & Tourism, which has helped me in my current job as a guide. I’ve been leading trips for three years now, taking people on adventures all around Nepal.

“I love sharing my knowledge of the country and showing people the hidden gems that only a local would know. I absolutely love riding in the High Himalayas. There’s just something so exhilarating about navigating those steep and rocky terrains, and the views are just breathtaking.”

MTB Tour Guide in Nepal, Nishma carrying her bike