With a life that is ruled by bikes, Marko Sajn is your expert local mountain bike guide, Slovenia

“For the past 5 years or so, my life has been built around cycling. From being a co-founder of a bike shop in Ljubljana, a designer and contributing author for different bike brands to now, a mountain bike guide, Slovenia. I love taking apart new bike parts and putting them back together almost as much as I love being outdoors. When I am outside my biggest happiest times are camping, bike packing, exploring new trails and learning anything new about the environment that surrounds us.
“My bike has taken me to a lot of places already (like a 560km bike packing trip through Tuscany!) but there is still so much to explore, starting in my own backyard. Slovenia never ceases to amaze me with its potential and beauty and I’m always looking forward to a day out on our wonderful trails.”

Meet Marko your mountain bike guide in Slovenia