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Meet your mountain bike guide in Namibia

Meet your mountain bike guide in Namiba
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Meet your mountain bike guide in Namibia

Our new mountain bike tour in Namibia requires the best guide in the business, meet your mountain bike guide in Namibia

Our fantastic new mountain biking safari in Namibia is an excellent opportunity for you to get to know this beautiful country, its splendid wildlife, diverse landscapes and friendly people. But first of all, you should meet your mountain bike guide in Namibia, Leander. Welcome to the team Leander!

Leander, our mountain bike guide in Namibia

Name: Leander Borg
Home town: Swakopmund, but now I live in Windhoek
Family: Wife, Susanne and three kids – Kiah, Lars and Maja
Bike: Scott Premium 29er
Riding since: Started late in life at 32; wish I’d known about the sport before!
Favourite trails: Cross country in the Damaraland, playing on granite boulders, single tracks just outside Windhoek…anything new actually, best is to view wildlife from your bike in Namibia!

“Over the years I have cycled most parts of Namibia, and have taken part in some stage races, both in South Africa and Namibia. I sucessfully completed the Desert Dash (longest single stage mountain bike race, 369km through the Namib Desert) as a solo rider in 2012 and walked from the Atlantic to Sossusvlei (60km) through the dunes unassisted in 2013.

“I have an incredible passion for sharing all that Namibia has to offer with other like-minded people. I love being creative, making people happy, getting involved in conservation and community work, and travelling all over Africa.

“When people come to Namibia for the first time they are bowled over by the diversity of the landscapes and the sheer amount of space we have here. There’s so much space and so few people living here, which is why we have such thriving habitats for our wildlife. We have rhino, elephant and lion roaming free outside our national parks, and cheetah and leopard are so numerous that we have to control their numbers, whereas in most other countries they are endangered species.

“Looking forward to welcoming you to my beautiful Namibia!”

You can join Leander on our amazing mountain biking safari in Namibia, in April and September each year.

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