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World-class MTB guides

One of our MTB guides Shaun Fry
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World-class MTB guides

Where are all the world-class MTB guides? Crafting tours at H+I Adventures thats where!

What makes a world-class mountain biking adventure? World-class mountain biking guides, of course! And we’re proud to have some of the very best local MTB guides in the business.

All our local mountain bike guides are highly experienced and qualified mountain bike experts. They’ll guide you through every stage of the journey, keeping the pace just right and teaching you to be a technically better rider.

Not only are our mountain bike guides experts, they are also local to the destination. They use their local knowledge and insights to get you closer to the landscapes, closer to the culture and closer to the communities they share with you.

Our guides also have experience beyond mountain bikes, making them genuinely interesting hosts and true companions. They are extremely well travelled and love the surprises of travel and the excitement of an adventure.

Here’s a quick gallery of our guides (with Shaun Fry, our Whistler guide taking top spot in the photo above!), and a little insight into their unique characters, and how they can make your mountain biking adventure with H+I Adventures truly unforgettable.

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