MTB Tours in Scotland

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MTB tours in Scotland

Scotland is one of the top MTB destinations in the world, and here’s what it has to offer…

Showcasing our Scottish MTB adventures

In the last ten years, Scotland has gained a reputation as one of the foremost mountain biking destinations in the world. But what makes Scotland such a special place for mountain bikers?

Firstly, our ‘Right to Roam’ access laws mean that all land is open to everyone to use responsibly – and this is the key. This ability to access wild spaces comes with huge responsibility for us as a riding community, and we have to protect our trails and natural environments, as we ride here.

Then there’s the spectacular natural landscapes that Scotland is blessed with, from mountain, to forest, to coast, to island.

Finally, Scotland is home to a vibrant international race scene, including the 2023 UCI World Championships, which is made possible by some of the most active trail building communities in the world.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that we offer four MTB tours in ScotlandAncient Pines & Wild Glens, Highland Odyssey, coast-to-coast, and our 4-day adventure on Skye + Raasay –  and our Royal Deeside Backcountry E-MTB tour, so how do you decide which one is for you?

The Ancient Pines and Wild Glens adventure is our ‘intermediate’ tour, based in the mountain town of Aviemore, nestled below the Cairngorm mountain range.

This is the beating heart of the UK’s largest national park, which is home to rare flora and fauna, a sub-Arctic climate, rolling mountains and some truly fantastic riding.

From your home-from-home in Aviemore you’ll be immersed in the wild landscape of the area. As the week progresses so too will the technicality and the remoteness of the rides, building towards riding some of the most iconic big mountain trails in the Cairngorms.

Food and drink play a big part in all our tours, and the Cairngorms is home to plenty of seasonal ingredients with small restaurants and cosy pubs to enjoy them in.

The Highland Odyssey, an ‘Intermediate+’ adventure, has become a firm favourite amongst many of our riders. It was the product of pulling together all of our favourite trails, places to eat and some truly life-affirming experiences to showcase the best of what the Highlands of Scotland has to offer.

This whirlwind tour starts in the Cairngorms, then heads west to big mountains and technical riding with views over to the islands. Bikes and boats combine to create several days of truly unique adventures, and it’s impossible not to get swept up in the breathtaking scenery.

Warm Highland welcomes have become as much a part of the adventure as the riding, and passing through fishing villages to try local seafood, or cosying up by the fire with a whisky after a long day’s riding are all part of what makes this tour so special.

If you’re the type of person that wants to ride your bike all day, from one accommodation to another then the coast-to-coast is for you.

The coast-to-coast is an advanced adventure, which has stood the test of time. You’ll ride some amazing trails through awe-inspiring landscapes, hike-a-bike to remote mountain plateaux and descend to the Atlantic Ocean.

The journey takes in some of the most remote roads in Scotland, gravel tracks and drovers’ paths, cutting their way through open valleys before building into some of the best mountain singletrack in the Highlands.

As with all our tours, we’ve worked hard to make sure you have plenty of opportunity to experience the local food and drink that has gained the Highlands a reputation for great cuisine.

Last up in our MTB tours in Scotland is our 4-day Skye + Raasay adventure.

Like all the best coffees this Espresso Adventure packs a punch, with 4 days of great riding, classed as Intermediate+.

If time is short, but you want to experience some truly unique island singletrack around Raasay, rough and rugged trail riding in the heart of the Isle of Skye and venture into some lesser known west coast single track, then this is the tour for you.

Staying in one of the most beautiful guest houses in the area with views out to the ever-changing weather and landscape of the inner Hebrides, the Skye and Raasay adventure is a perfect escape. Action-packed from day 1, there’s barely enough time to come up for air, but it will leave you with a long lasting taste for adventure.

As in all families, it’s hard to choose to your favourite child (and you probably shouldn’t have favourites!), so instead embrace each individual for their stand out personalities, for what makes them unique and the reason why time spent is time treasured.

Whichever you choose it will be a wild ride, and will most likely leave you wanting to experience what the rest have to offer.

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