Mountain biking the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

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MTB Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

An account of mountain biking Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, through twisting and colourful singletrack

Kathmandu. One of the most energetic, colourful, chaotic, and culturally-rich cities in the world. Who would have thought, then, that you could find such glorious trails in the hills only one hour from the frenzy of the city centre?

Mountain biking Kathmandu Valley in Nepal? Yes please! This delicious little video shows just how much fun you can have mountain biking Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. These fast, swooping, singletrack trails, lined with fluttering prayer flags, and peppered with sneaky little rock sections really stand on their own as superb mountain bike trails, as well as being the perfect precursor to acclimatize you for riding in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Sit back and enjoy this taste of mountain biking Kathmandu Valley and if this whets your appetite for more, you can also watch our video of mountain biking in the Himalayas and Mustang region of Nepal. But be warned: once you’ve watched these two amazing videos the only thing left to do is come and experience the magic of mountain biking in Nepal for real!

As one customer put it:

We had the best time in Nepal. Epic scenery, rich culture, wonderful food, remote villages, historical cities, hot springs, great company. The mountain biking was thrilling and challenging and off the beaten track. A bit of everything from prayer flag strewn valleys and jungle to breathtaking Himalayan moonscapes.

Join us for an epic, cultural mountain bike adventure in the Kathmandu Valley and Himalayas of Nepal.

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