Our Partners

Joining forces with the world’s best bike brands

To enhance our own special bike adventures we have spent years seeking out the best tools for the job. Along the way we’ve found companies who not only produce the highest quality kit but also share our views on mountain biking and the world in general.

With these few select companies we have worked hard to develop our shared ideas on mountain biking and to create lasting relationships. In each case we genuinely believe that these partnerships are truly special and not only enhance our tours, but create exciting opportunities across the mountain biking community.

Yeti Cycles

For over 30 years Yeti Cycles have been in the business of producing world-class mountain bikes and have a race pedigree that any other brand would envy.

A culture of constant innovation and development has kept Yeti at the front of the race pack and also created the trail slaying machines that we loved to ride even in the days before our two companies got to know each other.

Our partnership with Yeti helps provide our guides and customers with access to the world’s best bikes and, in return, we make sure Yeti and their loyal band of followers (the Yeti ‘freaks’) have the opportunity to experience the world’s most exciting bike destinations.

In 2015 the first International Yeti Tribe Gathering saw 25 Yeti ‘freaks’ take to the Himalayas of Nepal. As a result of this hugely successful event gatherings have taken place in Chile & Patagonia, New Zealand and shortly, Scotland.

Evoc Sports

H+I Adventures and EVOC both started into the mountain biking business at the same time. Each was founded on the idea that innovation, careful design and quality could improve the mountain biking experience; from the outset it was clear that these shared ideals could create a great partnership.

In reality, no other company creates a product that so perfectly meets our needs whether that be travelling internationally with our cherished bikes or carrying our heavily stocked guide packs on the trail.

EVOC products have been a part of all our adventures for many years but there have been some particular highlights along the way such as their visit to our Highland home or our international adventure to Ecuador.

As we continue to develop and set the standard in international mountain bike travel we’re looking forward to having EVOC along with us.


The mountain bike is the perfect tool for adventure and one that can only succeed thanks, in no small part, to its suspension platform.

In this field, no brand is more synonymous with success and performance than FOX; the gold flash of their Kashima coated components being distinct on any descent.

Despite this level of success FOX are keen to show they don’t just make products for the world’s elite racers. For us mere mortals they also provide the best forks,  suspension and dropper posts to aid us all on our adventures no matter how big or small.

Over the last couple of years we have worked closely with FOX to show their products in a diverse range of the world’s most exciting destinations. For our guides this means they can travel through each season in the utmost comfort and for our customers we also offer the chance to sample some of these plush delights.