Rider reviews of mountain biking holiday Ecuador

Here are a few H+I Adventures rider reviews of mountain biking holiday Ecuador

When you come on one of our mountain biking adventures around the world, not only are you there to have the time of your life, but you’re also (whether you know it or not!) shaping the future of our tours. Our expert local guides are constantly listening to your comments when you’re with us, living the experience, and they take on-board and feed back to base anything that may be valuable to the development of that mountain biking holiday.

We also ask each and every on of you to complete a comprehensive evaluation form of your adventure with us, because we value every piece of rider feedback we receive – whether formally or informally, “rider reviews of mountain biking holiday Ecuador are essential to improving our tour”.

And so it was rider feedback that prompted us to re-visit the itinerary for our mountain biking adventure in Ecuador, to see if we could make it more enjoyable for more mountain bikers because experiencing “The world in miniature” shouldn’t just be the privilege of the mountain bike fanatic. And we’re very pleased to say that, with much discussion and tweaking by our local guide, we’ve done it!

By their very nature the wild, diverse landscapes of Ecuador will never be the realm of the uninitiated, but we have now opened up the incredible experiences offered in Ecuador to intermediate as well as advanced riders. If you have a few years of mountain biking skills and lots of confidence under you belt, a good level of fitness, and a keen sense of adventure, you’ll have the trip-of-a-lifetime!

Ecuador is termed “The world in miniature” because, even in just ten days of mountain biking, you’ll experience mind-blowing changes in landscapes, in a relatively small area. From petrified lava flows, to cloud forests, Andean deserts, banana plantations and the snow-capped peaks of Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano in the world – you’ll have it all! And of course, hand-in-hand with these varied landscapes go local communities with rich cultures and heritage, in which you’ll be immersed as you flow through this beautiful country.

By altering some of the days’ riding we’ve also been able to incorporate more nights at two traditional working haciendas in the Cotopaxi region, meaning less time spent in the van driving to the next accommodation and much more time for you to enjoy the local mountain way of life on these warm and welcoming ranches.

Thanks to the rider reviews of mountain biking holiday Ecuador we’ve managed to open up this spectacular country to a greater number of mountain bike adventurers, so don’t miss out: grab your chance to experience “The world in miniature” on our mountain biking holiday in Ecuador in June or November this year!