New video documentary: RJ ‘Ripper’ Magar, Nepali mtb legend

RJ ‘Ripper’ Magar – NatGeo Adventurer of the Year, mountain bike guide and Nepali mtb legend

This is a lofty title to live up to, and one that might weigh heavy on a set of young Nepali shoulders, but our guide Rajesh Magar (also known as “RJ Ripper”) has broad shoulders, determination and charisma, and just takes it all in his stride.

With help from his mentor, H+I Adventures’ head guide in Nepal, Mandil, RJ has taken the Asian mountain bike racing scene by storm, and seems almost untouchable in this sphere right now. However, RJ and his supporters have greater ambitions and would like to see him racing on an international platform, in the Enduro World Series, racing with the world’s best mountain bikers.

RJ Ripper getting his bars low and dirty in Nepal on our MTB holiday

RJ’s story

What makes this story all the more compelling is the fact that RJ comes from a relatively poor background, growing up in a small village called Solukhumbu in the east of Nepal. His family’s daily life was hard and, understandably, RJ’s mother didn’t believe that mountain biking was a productive use of his time, nor a route to creating a better life. Not only that, but they also didn’t have the money required to buy a mountain bike for RJ.

But RJ is resilient and determined, so set about building his ‘Franken-bike’, piecing two bikes together, welding a car shock to it and compiling parts from wherever he could get his hands on; building what would be the bike that catapulted him (quite literally!) into the world of mountain biking.

It was this resilience, determination and passion that inspired videographer and fellow mountain biker Joey Schusler to produce a full-length documentary on RJ’s life. So, grab a coffee and set aside half an hour to enjoy Joey’s film on the life of a young Nepalese mountain bike fanatic who is carving a better future for himself and providing inspiration to others like him in his home country.

Support RJ

If RJ’s story has touched and inspired you, Joey has set up a fund to help RJ travel to, and participate in, the Enduro World Series. By donating on Joey’s GoFundMe page, not only will you be helping RJ reach his $7,500 target for the next race series, but you’ll also be securing a bright future for this incredible young man from Nepal.

RJ Ripper riding in his happy place, Mustang Region of Nepal with H+I Adventures MTB holiday

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  1. Awesome! And I just got my most recent BIKE mag in the mail. With RJ mentioned on the cover and a rad article inside.

    1. Thanks Colin! Hoping to get our hands on a copy of the magazine soon! RJ is a true inspiration for us all and we’re really proud to have him as a key part of our Nepal guiding team

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