New partnership with Yeti Cycles

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Yeti Cycles, the industry standard for mountain bike design

Here at H&I Adventures we’re absolutely delighted to announce the start of a fantastic partnership with Yeti Cycles, makers of some of the finest mountain bikes in the world!

We have been working hard over the past couple of years to align our mountain biking holiday business with the best product based companies in the mountain biking world. We feel that these partnerships are special and not only enhance our tours, but align our core beliefs and company ethos with these other high quality brands.

Our new partnership with Yeti Cycles will be a long-term brand partnership that can only bring exciting developments, for both Yeti Cycles’ and H&I Adventures’ customers alike.

Why Yeti Cycles?

“Well, not only does Yeti hand build the best mountain bikes available today, every worker within the company rides and tests their bikes. It’s a real riders’ company that has a wonderful customer/brand relationship. Yeti Cycles is the only bike company in the world that arranges ‘tribe’ meetings where owners can meet up, exchange stories and ride bikes,” says H&I Adventures director, Euan Wilson.

Yeti Cycles has been in the business of producing world-class mountain bikes since early 1985, with a ‘race breed’ to be proud of. Being at the forefront of the bike racing scene has allowed Yeti to develop and test new and innovative bike designs that have migrated on to the production bikes that you can ride today.

Here’s what John Pentecost, international sales manager for Yeti Cycles has to say about our new partnership:

“When I learned about the amazing trips that H&I Adventures have put together, I knew they’d make a great partner for Yeti. We design our bikes to be ridden hard in the most extreme conditions, and H&I Adventures spends all their time in locations that test the limits of their equipment. We’re very excited about working with H&I Adventures for many years to come.”

We’re at the early stages of this positive and exciting partnership with Yeti Cycles, so watch this space for up-and-coming developments from Yeti Cycles and H&I Adventures!

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