Rider reviews of mountain biking New Zealand

Read rider reviews of mountain biking New Zealand adventure and be inspired

We’ve just returned from the very first of our fabulous new mountain biking adventures on New Zealand’s South Island, and what an adventure it was!

Sensational trails, glorious weather, great food, interesting accommodation and two of the most epic back-country riding days ever on the Old Ghost Road. Of course, that’s all very well for us to say, but what’s far more important is what our riders thought of their mountain biking New Zealand experience, so here are a few reviews of mountain biking New Zealand from the people who count, along with some great photos…

“This is an awesome journey, no other way of describing it. New Zealand is a helluva long way from anywhere, but worth every air-mile. H+I have brought together a fabulous selection of rides, linked together by a great road trip across the stunning scenery of South Island – a simply a magical place. The logistics were seamless, the guides fantastic and the riding,was absolutely superb. Euan, Ash and Liam were brilliant company, and made the whole experience safe, exhilarating and, above all, huge fun.

“Bike skills coaching by Ash along the route was brilliant, and I really appreciated the way in which we quickly came together as group. The Old Ghost Road lived up to expectations as an epic ride, but there were many other incredible days, not least Mount Pisa, and the beech-forest rides of Craigieburn. Mile after mile of fast & furious single-track through the stunning back-country South Island – Shred Heaven!

“Anyone looking for a truly epic mountain bike adventure through magical landscapes should have this trip high on their ‘must-do’ list. “ Julian, UK

“A grand tour of the South Island! Beautiful & diverse environments & trails. Challenging & fun adventure riding. Euan’s trail picks led us into I-can’t-believe-I’m-here-seeing-this places daily. Expansive views from each mountain top and numerous ridge line trails. And the miles of downhill shredding! Stream crossings. Mountains and valleys and river crossings all with clean air, no noise or light pollution. Truly unspoiled.

“Bonus riding techniques, pro tips & bike adjustments from Ash. Super first aid and logistics from Liam. Great food scouted out. Even a surprise birthday cake for my husband’s 50th birthday!

“Mountain biking New Zealand with H+I a dream we didn’t want to wake from! Truly a once in a lifetime vaca that we are so grateful to have experienced.” Elizabeth, USA

“This was a Great mountain biking adventure. The places we stayed were all very comfortable, weather looking out at the beaches of Kiakoura, looking over lake Wanaka, or any of the others–all well appointed. They tailored the trip to the riding level of our group-and gave riding tips to help people improve their skills.

“I can’t say enough about our guides–Liam, Ashley and Euan were friendly, personable, professional, fun, interesting, energetic, helpful, articulate and very good at reading us as individuals and as a group.

“The riding covered such a wide variety of terrains and was both challenging and rewarding. Old Ghost road was the top ride I have done–very memorable (as was the entire trip). Most days had climbing but the reward in views then long flowing descents was a sweet payoff. They picked some gems of trails and the direction of best flow, they knew good restaurants, (the best pie shop in NZ), and made it easy for us to relax and think about biking and having fun! Easily the best run mtn biking tour we have been on. Highly recommended!” Keith, USA

“An epic adventure twisting and turning through the South Island! The scale and pace of the tour were spot on, with enough technicality to keep pushing us and on our toes.

“This was my second trip with H+I, the first being Nepal. The riding in New Zealand is completely different! Its much faster, flowy and longer than Nepal, with fewer breaks. I would say New Zealand was harder than Nepal.

“The guides were spot on and always felt like they were just part of the group! Euan is outstanding with his knowledge and making everything work smoothly regardless of what random issues popped up. Also a blast to watch ride.

“Liam is the expert driver and logistics dude! Always where he had to be at the right time. His quick-witted humor and personality was welcomed!
Ash is super energetic and just a blast to ride with! She has great skill and is always helping if youre willing to listen! She definitely made me a better rider during this trip. Overall, the guides were excellent and just felt like a good group of friends instead of the “I’m a guide, youre a client” you may experience with other groups.

“The end result was an outstanding trip that will have you speechless!” Clayton, USA

Join us this year for our incredible mountain biking tour of New Zealand’s South Island; you won’t be disappointed!