Mountain biking Chile

Two days of our mountain biking Chile adventure

Our new mountain biking tour in Chile is set in the beautiful Lakes and Volcanoes region, giving this adventure a unique dimension of jaw-dropping vistas and unusual trail surfaces, such as fine volcanic ash and large, black petrified lava flows, all of this makes up mountain biking Chile style.

Part of this week-long mountain bike adventure takes us to the Huilo Huilo biological reserve, where we stay in log cabins in the forest and ride in this wonderfully diverse ecological treasure. Here’s an account of the two days that H+I Adventures co-founder Catherine spent in Huilo Huilo, during our scouting trip to Chile.

“We arrived late last night to the Huilo Huilo reserve, so today we get our first glimpse of the area we’ll be calling our home and playground for the next few days. We ride straight from the accommodation along the river to an old logging way, that signals the beginning of our climb. This is a mix of doubletrack, singletrack and ancient paths that crisscross the forest. When we reach this morning’s high point at the wide open plains of Pampa de Pilmaiquén, we have stunning views over to the Mocho-Chosheunco volcanic ridge.

This route takes us all the way to the border with Argentina and our extra special transfer back to the village of Puerto Fuy, on the other side of the mountain range. As we return, the evening light is golden, the sun is just dipping behind the snow-capped volcanoes, giving us an incredibly serene light in which to ride the last 2km back to our cabins.
“Our second day in the Huilo Huilo region again begins by riding straight from the cabins. This is a really tough climbing day, so we have the support vehicles within easy reach to assist with the ascent should we need it (and, yes, I did need it for the last steep kilometre!). I have to say, though, this climb, big as it is, is worth every bead of sweat and turn of the cranks. When we leave the tree line that sits just below the highest point, our breath is genuinely taken away. There are 360° views over six volcanoes and countless mountains, all the way to Argentina.

“Of course, this has to be our lunch spot and we spend an hour or so taking in the view and making sure we get ‘that’ picture for the photo album. Once we’re all fed, watered and photographed out, we start the descent which features about 1000m of singletrack and some doubletrack, that is mountain biking Chile!”

To find out more about our new mountain biking Chile + Patagonia tour, read the full tour diary, and join us in 2016 for our very first departure to this incredible South American country!