Mountain Biking in British Columbia in Photos


We head back to British Columbia and take Scotty Laughland along to sample some of BC’s greatest hits for our ‘British Columbia in photos’ feature

Ticking BC off the bucket list

Iconic. Few places hold the same mantle as British Columbia. Embedded in mountain bike folklore it was at the forefront of the freeride movement with pionering riders such as Tippie, Simmons, and Schley taking audacious lines at the infamous Northshore and Kamloops. Growing up flicking through magazines and watching movies you stumbled over BC at every turn of the page or press of the play button; nowhere drew the same lust or desire to place my wheels upon its dirt.

The scene has, of course, moved on since the freeride heydays but as a sport it’s never been stronger, becoming more accessible with rider numbers swelling on the trails; just look at the success story of the Whistler bike park… and whilst it may quite rightly draw the masses, it’s the trails outside of the park that really show BC’s true flavour. Tall pines shrouded in lichen, lush green ferns, and snow capped peaks. You’ll be left blown away by the depth in the trail portfolio here and instantly understand why there is so much hype surrounding this place.

See the beauty of BC and its trails from our recent trip to Canada:

Alastair takes us on a mountain bike tour to create British Columbia in photos epic
Riding North Shore on our British Columbia in photos epic adventure
Pulling shapes on trail on our MTB BC vacation
Our mountain bike tour in BC, Canada has trails for even the most skilful of riders
A massive rock roll on our British Columbia in photos trip
Mountain bike guide Ali turns quickly through our MTB trails in British Columbia
British Columbia in photos showing the changing faces of the BC forests
British Columbia in photos
British Columbia in photos showing the varied weather to be found in the Whistler Valley
Riders take on the high descents on our British Columbia MTB tour
BC has the perfect mountain bike trails for those with the skills to handle them. Part of our mountain biking tips blog.
Scotty Laughland finds loose and dusty turns in British Columbia in photos
British Columbia in photos throws up perfect trails and huge smiles
Our MTB tour in BC, Canada has some classic singletrack corners
British Columbia in photos shows how dense the forests are on our BC MTB vacation
Mountain biking in British Columbia in Photos - H+I Adventures
Natural singletrack trails in BC, Canada is some of the best in the world

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