Meet your mountain biking guide to Slovenia

Meet your mountain biking guide to Slovenia – Dani, he will ensure that your adventure goes to plan and is one to remember

Our new mountain biking adventure in Slovenia, Austria and Italy is a very special journey from the majestic Julian Alps in Slovenia, dipping in to Austria and Italy, and finishing with a flourish on the Adriatic Coast in the ancient Venetian town of Piran.

It also takes a very special guide to really bring out the best, the unusual, the surprising in each region, every single day – and we think we have just the right person in our guide Danijel!

Mountain bike guide in Slovenia

Name: Danijel Kovačič

Bikes: I am big fan of custom bikes and traditional materials – steel is real! The bike, for me, is not only a piece of sports equipment, it is a piece of art, and the welder is an artist. I enjoy assembling my bikes as much as riding them. My favourites at the moment are a Vicious Cycles Thunderwing fat bike and my good old Spot brand 29er. And no, I am definitelly not immune to the n+1 rule…

Favourite trails: My favourite trail is the one I am riding at the moment – because it simply means that I found time to ride my bike. I love the green leaves of the forest and endless singletrails. I treat technical sections which make my hair stand on end and the blood pump in my veins as a challenge to improve my riding skills. I believe that the thrill of downhill is just a reward for all the sweating during the ascent. And last but not least: every perfect trail ends with a cold craft beer.

Most known for: his passion for singlespeed bikes

If you’d like to share our mountain biking guide to Slovenia, Danijel’s favourite trails, beers, forests and singletracks with him, join us on our incredible mountain biking adventure in Slovenia and experience three countries in one week on your mountain bike!