I could never have imagined I would experience the best trip of my life! Being dipped into what can only be described as the most friendly and kind hearted country I have ever experienced! This was more than just riding and culture; meeting best friends was a massive bonus.

Rob, UK

I promise, your heart will not be big enough to take in all the happiness this country and its people have to give. Riding though the Himalaya mountains and its villages was a double win situation. We had a blast riding our bikes and at the same time put huge smiles on peoples faces who were enjoying watching us having fun. Namaste Nepal, I'll be back.

Romy, Luxembourg

You will not be able to forget about this journey to one of the worlds most mountainous and exotic locals. From booking to arrival, logistics, food, bike repairs, accomodations, cultural interaction and of course mountain biking, everything was top notch. If your on the fence about this trip, just "book it". You will be joyful you did!

Andrew, USA

Breath-taking landscapes
vibrant culture:
adventure-of-a-lifetime in Nepal

Mountain biking holiday in the Himalayas of Nepal

Many mountain bike routes lay claim to the title of the World’s Greatest, but only on our mountain biking tour in Nepal will you be surrounded by five-mile-high peaks, and stay in teahouses run by local villagers stocked with good food and cold beer.

The Kali Gandaki Valley – the deepest valley in the world – marries natural grandeur, local culture and relative luxury in a union found nowhere else.

On this mountain biking holiday in Nepal, on the roof of the world, you’ll experience some tough climbs, technical descents, fast, flowy singletrack, and the most spectacular views you can imagine.

You’ll also experience one of the most dramatic flights in the world as you travel between Pokhara and Jomsom, mountain biking in Nepal: the roof of the world.

You’ll start your adventure in the chaos of Kathmandu, where your senses will be overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, smells and spirituality of this incredible city. You’ll visit local thangka artists and watch as they create the most exquisite masterpieces which can take years to complete.

We’ll start to get you acclimatised to the altitude with a few days in the Kathmandu Valley, exploring the network of fabulous trails high above the hustle and bustle of the city, before heading up into the Himalayas.

Riding the trails of the legendary Annapurna Circuit and the lower Mustang region, at altitudes of between 1,500m and 4,000m, this mountain biking vacation in Nepal will take you to some of the most beautiful and unexplored places on the planet, where you will experience the most emotional mountain biking of your life.

Read this inspirational customer photo diary in pinkbike.com of our sensational mountain biking vacation in Nepal.

Our mountain biking holiday in the Himalayas of Nepal is for intermediate+ mountain bikers with level 4 fitness.

Want to know more about our mountain biking holiday in the Himalayas of Nepal? Ask us a question, and read more about why you should choose H+I Adventures for your next mountain biking adventure.

Tour dates 2016

  • 3 – 14 October 2016
  • 28 November – 9 December 2016

Tour dates 2017

  • 27 February – 9 March 2017
  • 9 – 20 October 2017

If these dates don’t work for you, why not gather some friends together and become a group organiser to open up new dates? Contact us to ask about a private group tour.

Nepal tour diary, by Mandil Pradhan, H+I Adventures local guide

Our rendezvous point for this mountain bike adventure is the bustling and exotic Kathmandu airport. Once all our flights have arrived from all four corners of the globe, we pack the vans and head approximately 15km out of Kathmandu to the serenity of Shivapuri Hill Cottage. We get settled in with a few beers and some well-deserved food, and chat over the trip ahead.

Our first full day together starts on our sun-draped terrace, eating breakfast, building bikes with all riders guessing what lies ahead of them. With satisfied stomachs we load the van and drive 30 minutes deep into the heart of the Shivapuri National Park, where we unload the bikes and give our group their first taste of Nepalese singletrack!

And what an introduction! At the foot of this trail we take a tour around the world famous Buddhist Stupa, called Boudhanath, which must be walked around in a clockwise direction. On returning to the cottage we are treated to our evening meal on the terrace, and with fires glowing we fill the group’s minds with stories of tomorrow’s trails.

We start the next day by taking our shuttle up to a high mountain village on the north side of Kathmandu, where we catch our first glimpse of the Himalaya mountain range in the distance, and the group starts to feel the draw of the mountains. We ride a winding, technical singletrack back to Shivapuri and another delicious home-cooked meal.

The next morning we pack to leave the stunning hill-top cottage behind. Our luggage goes on to our next destination and we ride up through the Shivapuri National Park, and over the back side to descend down fantastic wooded trails to the historic and very picturesque town of Bhaktapur, where after dinner we take a guided tour of the city and its numerous temples and Stupas.

First thing next morning we pack the bikes on the van and it heads off to the mountain village of Jomsom, a 20-hour drive away, then we drive to the airport where we catch a flight to Pokhara. On arrival we check in, have breakfast, then arrange a pedal boat race around the lake in front of our hotel. The rest of today is spent exploring the town and resting before our mountain tour starts early tomorrow morning.

Before we know it, we are up early again and heading back to the airport for one of the most hair-raising flights you will ever take! We leave Pokhara airport and fly 25 minutes up the Kali Gandaki Valley, the world’s deepest valley, past two 8000m peaks and land at the remote outpost of Jomsom. As we step off the plane we are greeted by towering snow-capped mountains and our driver, who has off-loaded the bikes and cleaned them for our arrival.

After breakfast we set off riding along the world’s deepest valley, weaving through the streets of Jomsom with kids on their way to school running beside us, people singing in their fields, and mule trains working their way high into the Himalaya. On our way to our final destination of Kagbeni, we take a detour to a hidden village high on the flanks of the valley, where we explore some street riding options before embarking on a truly amazing singletrack descent back to the valley floor.

Day seven is our climbing day of the trip. We ascend from Kagbeni at a height of 2800m, and top out at Muktinath, 3800m. We take our time with this ride, as we need to start considering the altitude, so we stop in the villages we pass through, and enjoy the mountain hospitality and coffee. On arriving in Muktinath we visit the temple of Muktinath, one of the most ancient Hindu temples of God Vishnu.

We set off early on day eight to give us enough time to climb the 300m from Muktinath over the Lubra pass at 4100m and then descend to the town of Marpha, the apple capital of Nepal. This day has to rank as one of my all-time favourite riding days; from the views, to the trails, to the shift in culture. After stuffing ourselves with apple pie, we head to bed and look forward to our penultimate ride from Marpha to Tatopani, the orange-growing town and our date with the hot springs at the back of our hotel. After another day riding, dusty trails, we are delighted to soak our legs in the springs before trying some local orange flavoured delights!

It is day ten and this is our final ride of the tour. It is a nice downhill trail that takes us a couple of hours. Upon reaching Beni, we are all delighted to complete the tour, but sad to be packing the bikes and starting the journey home. Once we reach Pokhara, we organise bags, eat lunch and head out into town to sample some of the famous live music, and we’re not disappointed!

All that’s left to do is catch our flight back to Kathmandu, pick up last minute presents and meet for our final farewell dinner. We exchange pictures, email addresses and celebrate another successful trip with new friends. Meet Mandil, your local mountain bike guide in Nepal

Mountain Biking Holiday in Nepal Itinerary

The itinerary for our 12-day mountain biking adventure in Nepal has been designed so that we gain altitude very gradually, allowing your body to acclimatise before gaining further height, thus minimising the potential for altitude sickness.

Day 1 - Arrival in Kathmandu

On the first day of your mountain biking holiday in Nepal you’ll be welcomed by our guide at Kathmandu airport and then transferred to your accommodation at the beautiful Shivapuri Hill Cottage, a traditionally designed cottage on the edge of the Shivapuri National Park. Here, you will be briefed on the amazing mountain bike adventure that awaits, and introduced to our support crew.

Bikes will be built, tuned and readied for a prompt roll-out tomorrow and the start of our shared adventure!

Day 2 – Tarebhir to Sundarijal

Mountain biking into the lush Shivapuri National Park we will start with a short descent to some beautiful waterfalls before climbing up to Nagi Gumba at 1,950m. Once we’ve caught our breath and taken enough photos we’ll peel onto a fast and flowy descent through pine forests, all the way to Sundarijal.

After an exhilarating ride we will take time to visit the world famous Buddhist Stupa, Boudhanath, and, critically, will take care to walk around in a clockwise direction.

On returning to our accommodation at the Shivapuri Hill Cottage from our first day’s full exploring we will be treated to a delicious evening meal on the terrace and end the day by watching the sun set over Kathmandu.

Distance: 19km
Elevation gained: 550m
Elevation lost: 660m

Day 3 – Dada Gaun to Kopan

After our terrace breakfast high above Kathmandu, we will take some of the uphill struggle out of the day with a shuttle to the hill-top town of Dada Gaun (literal translation: Hill Village).

From there we will ride on a deep forest singletrack before exiting the National Park on a fast and flowy descent where we will be blessed with a lining of traditional Nepalese prayer flags.

After dropping down to our cottage accommodation we all settle in for the night, focussed around the glow of the fire and bound by chat of the day’s mountain biking adventure.

Distance: 26km
Elevation gained: 600m
Elevation lost: 900m

Day 4 – Nagarkot to Bhaktapur

Today we pack our kit and bikes into the van and bid our hill-top home farewell as we shuttle to Nagarkot, where we get our first tantalising glimpse of the snow-capped Himalayas in the distance. There is no need to be too sad though; although this wonderful trail signifies the end of our adventure in the Kathmandu valley it heralds the beginning of our two-wheeled fun in the mountains.

In making your next bold step you will be rewarded with an exciting descent through local villages and rice paddies, all the way to the medieval city of Bhaktapur, where weary legs can rest in a fabulous local guest house.

Distance: 21km
Elevation gained: 295m
Elevation lost: 760m

Day 5 – Flight to Pokhara; day off

Bleary eyes abound as we take a morning flight to the lake city of Pokhara. Once there our early start is rewarded with breakfast and the opportunity to rest up for the day and experience some more of the local sights, sounds and smells.

Free time can be spent easing hard-worked muscles in the hotel spa or perhaps a trip around the town and its lively markets is more your speed.

This might start off as a ‘normal’ cultural outing but could end up with a pedal boat race! The day can be as quiet or as busy as you choose and also offers the chance to catch up on some laundry duties if required.

A small, family-run local hotel will provide another warm Nepalese welcome for us this evening on our short stay in Pokhara.

Day 6 – Flight to Jomsom/ acclimatisation ride

Another early morning, another early flight.  Only this time it is, what is readily described as, the world’s most dramatic plane journey, a spectacular mountain flight which winds its way through the Himalayas into Jomsom – the heart of the Kali Gandaki valley (which also happens to be the world’s deepest!)

With luggage and bikes safely returned, and the prospect of any turbulence safely behind, we settle down to a hearty breakfast.

Before we ride out we will each be presented with a Khaada for good luck on the rest of our journey. What then follows will be one of the most spectacular and emotional mountain bike rides of your life as we climb to the small town of Kagbeni at 2,900m.

In keeping with our approach to local and cultural immersion, our accommodation for the night is another unforgettable family-run teahouse.

Distance: 17km
Elevation gained: 450m
Elevation lost: 375m

Day 7 – Kagbeni to Muktinath to Kagbeni

By now our legs and lungs are used to the terrain and altitude and are ready to take on the climbing day in the Mustang region!

We spend the morning gaining height from Kagbeni at 2,900m to Muktinath at 3,800m.

Having wiped the sweat and dust from our brows we settle down to lunch and fuel up so we are appropriately ‘switched on’ for the unbelievable trail that follows; a stunning singletrack descent that twists and weaves through tight Nepalese villages before dropping us out onto a fast, open descent back down to Kagbeni.

Distance: 26km
Elevation gained/ lost: 1,020m

Day 8 – Kagbeni to Jharkot to Marpha

A shuttle ride to Jharkot, just short of Muktinath, provides a slightly slower start to the day but with the ever present nervous anticipation that comes with any day of riding in Nepal.

With bikes unloaded the day’s first task is the 300m ascent to the breath-taking trail through the Lubra Pass at 4,100m.

After a series of photo calls it’s time to drop the saddles and settle in for one of the main trail highlights of the trip as we drop more than a vertical kilometre down to the small whitewashed gem that is Marpha – the apple growing region of the Mustang valley and source of the delicious Marpha Brandy we will sample to round off the day.

Distance: 27km
Elevation gained: 450m
Elevation lost: 1,400m

Day 9 - Marpha to Tatopani

Today you will truly understand your scale in the relation to mother nature as we ride through the world’s deepest valley (Kali Gandaki) between the two 8,000m giants, Mount Annapurna and Mount Dhaulagiri.

As we criss-cross the valley we take on perfect singletrack and fantastically long, fine suspension bridges that link village after village in the providing the inhabitants with trade routes means of communication.

At the end of another amazing day’s riding the hot-spring town of Tatopani provides some well deserved respite and muscular relaxation after what has been a full week of emotional and literal highs!

Distance: 45km
Elevation gained: 600m
Elevation lost: 1,750m

Day 10 - Tatopani to Beni /transfer to Pokhara

A day of dirt trails today in what are our last few hours on the bike in the Mustang region of Nepal. It may be a dirt road, but in Nepal everything on the bike seems bigger, better, more involved and it is a place where dirt roads are fun!

After more swooping, shredding, chatting and laughing we reach the town of Beni it’s time to quickly pack the van, transfer to Pokhara and relax with a free afternoon of present shopping, more spa massage time or simply getting prepped to sample the renowned night life.

A return visit to our lovely hotel in Pokhara is the perfect location to relax in familiar surroundings where we can reacquaint ourselves with the staff we met earlier in the trip.

Distance: 23km
Elevation gained: 200m
Elevation lost: 590m

Day 11 - Flight to Kathmandu

After the last morning flight of the tour we make it back to Kathmandu, transfer to our hotel, and make sure all kit and bikes are safely tucked away for our respective return journeys.

The rest of the day revolves around hitting the town to for dinner, drinks, exchanging stories and cementing new friendships. The ideal way to finish a tour that is so spectacular that only those you shared it with can truly understand its majesty.

Day 12 - Departure day

On your last morning in Nepal we will transfer you and your kit to Kathmandu airport in good time for your flight and with a little bit spare to allow for long and fond farewells.

Nepal Mountain Biking Holiday Price

£1,970 / $3,349 USD per person (ex. flights, based on two people sharing a room)

We welcome solo travellers on our adventures and if you are happy to share a room with another solo rider you do not need to add the single supplement. If, however, you wish to have a room by yourself, a single supplement of £340 / $578 USD will be payable.

Please note: accommodation is limited in the areas we’ll be riding, so if you can share with another guest (of the same sex) it would be appreciated.

H+I Adventures is bonded by the Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust Limited (ABTOT), so you can be sure that when you book with us your money will be safe. Price includes:

  • All meals starting with dinner on day one and ending with breakfast on day 12
  • 11 nights’ accommodation
  • Services of English-speaking, fully qualified and experienced mountain bike guides for the duration of your trip
  • National park and trekking permits
  • All ground costs
  • Back-up vehicles and luggage/ bike transfer (as required) for duration of your mountain bike trip
  • Three internal flights
  • All group safety equipment
  • Global Rescue medical and emergency evacuation services

Price excludes:

  • Flights to and from Nepal
  • Bike hire – we can arrange bike hire for you at a cost of £400/ $680 USD for the duration of the trip
  • Travel and activity insurance
  • Nepalese visas
  • Alcoholic/ non-alcoholic beverages
  • Personal safety and cycling equipment
  • Any other items not mentioned as included
  • Why not add an H+I Adventures riding shirt (shown below) to your booking?! £45/$76.50 each, available in small, medium and large

Arrival and departure details

Your mountain biking holiday in Nepal will start and end in Kathmandu.

Your guide and/or driver will meet you in the arrivals area of Tribhuvan International Airport, which is the only international airport in Kathmandu, and he/she will be holding an H+I Adventures sign.

On your arrival day we will transfer you by private shuttle (included in holiday price) to your accommodation at the Shivapuri Hill Cottage high above the Kathmandu valley. The first and last days of your mountain biking holiday in Nepal are dedicated traveling days and, since most flights arrive via the major Asian cities, we can accommodate most flight plans for pick-up and drop-off.

If you wish to extend your trip to Nepal please contact us and we can help you to organise this.

Travelling to Nepal

Passengers traveling from Europe, Africa, and the Atlantic coast of North/South America are advised to travel via Middle East Asian cities (namely Doha, Bahrain, or Abu Dhabi). Major airlines that fly this route are Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, and Gulf Air.

Passengers traveling from the Pacific coast of North/South America, and Australia or New Zealand are advised to travel via South East Asian cities (namely Bangkok, Singapore, or Hong Kong). Major airlines for this route are Thai Airways, Silk Air, and Dragon Air.

You must book your bike on to your flight in advance, otherwise you could face a heavy charge at the airport. Here are some handy hints and tips on travelling by air with your bike.

Please note: Included in your mountain biking vacation in Nepal are three internal flights in small, light aircraft to transfer you up into the Himalayas. If you are not a good air traveller, then this mountain biking holiday is not for you.


Short-term tourist visas can be purchased on arrival at Kathmandu airport and should be bought in cash in US Dollars.

Travelers’ cheques, personal cheques and credit cards are not accepted as payment for your visa at the airport. Alternatively, to save time after your long flight, you can purchase your visa online in advance at VisaHQ although this is a slightly more expensive service.

You must also have two clean pages in your passport for travelling to Nepal.

Preparing yourself and your bike for the trip

Please read the full kit list before you start packing for your mountain biking holiday in Nepal, so that you have everything you need!

Our mountain biking holiday in Nepal is for intermediate+ mountain bikers with level 4 fitness, and to find out what this means read the explanation of our skill and fitness levels.

The ideal bike for mountain biking in Nepal is a good quality full-suspension mountain bike with around 120mm of travel front and rear. We can arrange hire of a good quality full-suspension mountain bike for the duration of your trip at a cost of £400/ $680 USD.

To get the most out of your mountain biking holiday in Nepal you should plan some training in advance of your tour, and it is essential that you ensure that your bike has been properly serviced before the trip.

Accommodation and food

The majority of accommodation that we  use in
 this mountain biking holiday in Nepal is family owned and operated teahouse lodges. Whilst basic by western standards, these hospitable lodges provide relative luxury in what is possibly one 
of the most remote areas on the planet.

We have researched these areas extensively to select the most comfortable accommodation in the region, and we have planned the itinerary accordingly. In Kathmandu, instead of staying at regular hotels in the tourist districts, we will be staying at off-the-radar locations that provide us with an authentic and traditional Nepalese experience.

While we encourage you to eat what the locals eat
 – organic traditional Nepalese food – there is also the option of ordering from the extensive menu that ranges from Himalayan style lasagne to the good old Yak steak.

Our mountain bike guides in Nepal

Our local mountain bike guides in Nepal are of the very highest standard. They are qualified in first-aid, and have the knowledge and experience to lead a group safely in these very remote, wild and unpredictable parts of Nepal.

Our guides have years of experience in the saddle on the Nepalese trails and will be able to enhance your holiday with facts and fables on local history, flora and fauna. They’re also genuinely nice people and will do their best to make sure that everyone in the group has a great time.

Meet Mandil, our head guide in Nepal.

Health and safety in Nepal

No specific vaccinations are needed to enter Nepal,
 but visitors are recommended to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, rabies and Japanese encephalitis.

The most common illnesses suffered by travellers to Nepal are stomach-related due to consumption of contaminated food or water. You should refrain from consuming water or ice that hasn’t been purified. Bottled mineral water is available almost everywhere.

Altitude sickness is a common ailment above 2,500 metres if you ascend too quickly. Headaches and nausea are the first indications of this malady. It’s easily avoided by taking your time as you gain elevation to let your body acclimatise.

Also, be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen, and sunglasses when biking at altitude. The sun in the Himalayas is extremely strong.

Drink plenty of water while biking, even if it’s cold and you don’t feel thirsty.

It is wise to carry basic medicines such as paracetamol or aspirin for fever and pain and Pepto-Bismol for stomach upset.

You should always consult your own doctor or physician before travelling to new countries to seek their advice on matters concerning your health abroad.

Currency and foreign exchange

The currency in Nepal is Nepali Rupees (NPR). Even though most international currencies such as US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euros, or Australian Dollars are widely accepted, it is advisable to exchange into the local currency upon arrival at the airport or any bank.

ATMs are only available in Kathmandu and Pokhara, so you will need to carry enough cash for extra expenses through the trip.

Note: you can’t exchange money in your home country, it is a closed currency, so you will need to exchange money on arrival.


We suggest a tip of 10% of the cost of your tour should be paid to your mountain bike guide at the end of the trip, which will then be divided between all drivers, support staff and fixers, if you feel you have had a good experience in Nepal.

Holiday insurance

You are required as a condition of booking to be insured against medical and personal accident risks. In this policy you must include cover for mountain biking and we recommend that you take out a policy which covers cancellation and baggage.

We work closely with WorldNomads whose policies are specially designed for mountain bike holidays. You can arrange your insurance cover directly with them and we ask that you send us your policy details.

Please note: if you have arranged your own holiday insurance, you must bring a copy of your policy with you on your mountain bike holiday with us.

Further information on Nepal

Nepal is a land-locked country in the Himalayas in South Asia between India and China. Below are a few things you should know before you travel. Nepal’s official language is Nepali, spoken by approximately 50% of the population. There are dozens of other languages spoken in smaller circles such as Bhojpuri and Maithili, but English is widely understood in the tourism industry.

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Majestic Views

Dec 14, 2015 by Majid H

What a great once in a life time adventure and vacation. Not only I got to ride on a great bike trail with majestic views but to also experience the people, towns, and culture.
I highly recommend this trip
5 Stars

Nepal Needs You.

Dec 01, 2015 by Dave

Set your rad meter to high and get on this trip. Right now Nepal needs you. Over the last 8 months the people of Nepal have endured earthquakes, fuel and gas shortages, yet still remain as steadfast as the Himalayas surrounding them. The spirit and heart of the Nepalese is something that we all need to experience, and what better than from the saddle of your bike with the amazing folks from H&I. Don't for a second hesitate to do this trip........it's that good!

I don't know how you can possibly top this

Dec 01, 2015 by Gerrit

I've always wanted to visit the Himalaya's and to have the opportunity to do it on a mountain bike only made this experience that much more amazing and memorable. From the moment we arrived, it was obvious we were in very capable hands. Mandil and his staff had all the details taken care of. The accommodations were excellent and exceeded my expectations. Each day of riding always seemed to better than the last, which is mind boggling in and of itself. Being able to ride through small villages high up in the Mustang valley and witness the culture of the people is priceless. Simply Incredible. Well done!

Everything I Dreamed it Would Be!

Dec 01, 2015 by Jared

The experiences on this trip were nothing less than amazing. The tour strikes a perfect balance between travel comfort, adventure, riding challenges and culture emersion. The staff was amazing. The local guides are inspiring riders and Mandil is world class in his ability to organize a great trip and deliver excellent service along the way. If you have ever dreamed of seeing the Himalaya up close, and you enjoy riding a mountain bike, I don't think there's a better to experience this magical place!

Mind-blowing experience!

Nov 09, 2015 by Emma, UK

Utterly amazing, from the pre-trip organisation to every last detail on the trip outstandingly put together. Mind blowing experience of a spell bounding country. Best way to have experienced Nepal. H+I's standards of trip logistics are second to none, we will definitely be booking another trip with you.

Excellence all round

Dec 29, 2014 by Andy Kerec

What an outstanding adventure, what brilliant riding, what fantastic guides, what seamless logistics...what more can I say!
From the great trails around beautifully ugly Kathmandu to the indescribable cultural experience of riding through the Himalayan communities. Great food, excellent accommodation, 2 amazing and 1 absolutely incredible internal flight, all transfers....one of the best and most perspective enhancing experiences of my life. Stop reading. Book. Go.

Absolutely incredible

Dec 29, 2014 by Rory Andrew

What can I say; everything in this trip was even better than my expectations- which were pretty high to start with.

The accommodation was great.
The culture was awesome.
There was so much food I don't think I finished a meal the whole time- even though the food was great.
The guides looked after everything, right down to which seat to sit on when we got on the plane to get the best view.

And the riding was AWESOME. Mustang was just another word so much more impressive than any of the videos or photos can show. Kathmandu had some great tracks and some great descents.

Was just 12 days of an incredible trip.

Stunning riding, stunning country

Dec 29, 2014 by James Fiske

This was an awesome trip no questions about it. The logistics were seamless, the guides fantastic and the riding, oh boy the riding. Simply the best I've ever undertaken.
It's not for the feint hearted at times what with hairy jeep rides up mountain pass and some pretty interesting small plane flights but every heart stopping moment is replaced by an even better welcome at the other end.
Some of the climbs were tough esp at altitude but we acclimatised well and i would rate the 'big climb day' as one of my favorite days.
Accommodation and food were basic but warm and dry and everything we needed at the end of the day.

If you are looking for a mountain bike adventure not just a holiday then sign up. You wont regret taking this trip.

Thanks to the Team in Nepal, Mandil, Suraj, Arjay, plus the other support staff for an unforgettable time.

Amazing experience

Dec 29, 2014 by Michael Hutchinson

Best trip I have ever taken. The people, the food, the riding...all top notch. If you are on the fence about booking this trip, just do it - it is impossible not to love it. There is no other experience quite like it!


Aug 02, 2014 by Romy Jacobs

I promise, your heart will not be big enough to take in all the happiness this country and its people have to give. Riding though the Himalaya mountains and its villages was a double win situation. We had a blast riding our bikes and at the same time put huge smiles on peoples faces who were enjoying watching us having fun. Namaste Nepal, I'll be back.

Amazing biking in an amazing country.

May 19, 2014 by Julian Baker

I was genuinely surprised at how everything was better than what I had imagined. All the accommodation was brilliant especially in the Mustang valley considering it is so remote there. Some really great food too.
When it came to the riding the trails were awesome, the climbing was tough at altitude and my fitness was not the best in the group, but the guides did not make a big deal as long as you could keep moving and keeping some pace and it given the rest of the group the chance to take photos. When the trails came to pointing downwards though I had massive smiles on my face, looks of deep concentration and on a few occasions a face full of terror. All three of the guides were brilliant on a bike and that made for a lot of fun as you can really open it up and shred down the trails.
I am so glad I decided to book this holiday, a great group of people, not just the customers, the guides and the drivers and I would definitely like to ride with everyone again.

Adventure in Nepal

May 02, 2014 by Laurent Urth

It was way more than expected...trails, people, guides, food, accommodations, culture...impossible to beat that....probably best way to describe it: I woke up every day with a huge smile on my face (and that at 6 in the morning)!!

Mountain biking Nepal

Apr 29, 2014 by Rob Needham

I could never have imagined I would experience the best trip of my life! Shredding across landscapes I would only usually see in my wildest dreams! Being dipped into what can only be described as the most friendly and kind hearted country I have ever experienced! And to meet what can only be described as friends for life.... Sounds cheesy but 100% true! Was looked after from start to finish and felt priviladged to experience what I did. I wouldn't change a single day! This was more than just riding and culture; meeting best friends was a massive bonus.

A Nepalese Adventure

Apr 29, 2014 by Tony Moffa

All in all, our Nepalese experience ranked at number 1 for mountain biking and cultural experiences. The food was superb throughout and the guiding and logistics by H&I Adventures were near-perfect and seamless.


Nov 23, 2013 by Andrew Sherman

You will not be able to forget about this journey to one of the worlds most mountainous and exotic locals. From booking to arrival, logistics, food, bike repairs, accomodations, cultural interaction and of course mountain biking, everything was top notch. Mandel, Rocky, Snowmonkey and all the H & I staff ensured all went swimmingly. Nepal is such a gorgous and dramatic place as is but the combination of mountian biking makes it almost dreamlike. I cannot say enough good things about Nepal and the experience H & I provided. If your on the fence about this trip, just "book it". You will be joyful you did!

Mountain biking Nepal

Nov 07, 2013 by Sean Sealey

The trip went above and beyond anything i could have ever hoped to expect going on a tour like that. It ran very smoothly, the guides were fantastic. The food, locations, environment, people were all amazing, i doubt i could come up with any "real" suggestions to make the experience better.

The greatest experience on two wheels i could have ever imagined having.

Nepal is awesome!

Nov 03, 2013 by Katherine Koriakin

I have to say I think the guide, Mandil really made the trip (along with Rocky, Snow Monkey, Robbie, and REM- yes these are real people...!) I thoroughly enjoyed their company (and humor!) and learned some great Nepali language and culture from them. They guided us through adventurous biking, insane plane rides, delicious food (way better than I was expecting!), unique accommodations, and amazing towns through the Himalayas and around Kathmandu. Nepal is such a unique place, I highly recommend it! The scenery is unreal, the culture is so rich and the people are incredibly friendly. Being able to experience on a bike made it even more rewarding!

Mountain bike Nepal

Oct 24, 2013 by Ali Wheeler

This was my first guided mountain bike tour & it fully exceeded my expectations. The diversity in the biking from Kathmandu to Mustang was exciting & challenging, coupled with stunning scenery & unexpected adventure. I throughly enjoyed the Nepali culture, the delicious food & attempting to learn the language. The entire H&I Adventures staff, the comfy accommodations & the company of our new friends on & off trail really made this a trip to remember!

Amazing Nepal.

Aug 03, 2013 by Matt Egan

What can I say..... this was my first guided ride and from the very first email enquiry it all fell into place.
Catherine is an absolute gem and had all the answers to my questions with prompt and direct replies.
I'd recommend arriving at least a couple of days earlier and just settle into Kathmandu, it's amazing people and culture. Mandil even organised accommodation for me outside of the tour dates which was central &extremely comfortable. His local knowledge and rapport with all he comes in contact with is a must, things run smoothly.
Riding Kathmandu valley was a perfect start. The riding was a blast, nice flowy sections, technical climbs & descents.The Terrace house was inviting, comfortable and like home. We wanted for nothing.
This set the tone for the rest of the trip, each day was something new. The riding was a wicked, loved every minute. Pokhara, Jomsom, Kagbeni, Marpha and so many places in between and off to the side we didn't need to worry about a thing which enabled us to absorb as much as we could of the culture, history and the most humble and toughest breed of people on the planet.
And the riding, did I mention the riding.
I could go on for days about it!
If you are looking at these reviews to make a decision on whether to go or not go all I can say is 'DO IT'.
Mandil, thanks mate, look for forward to hitting some trails with you again.
Catherine and Euan, an absolute pleasure, you will see me for another ride, definitely.

Mountain bike vacation Nepal

May 05, 2013 by Jon and Steph

Tough climbing & exhilarating down-hills, coupled with an immersion into a fascinating and amazing cultural, this trip has to be one of the most memorable vacations we have ever taken!!! Thank you Mandil and H&I Adventures for an experience that will never be forgotten.

Mountain bike tour Nepal

Jan 07, 2013 by Nikki and Carl

Thank you H&I Adventures. We had the best time in Nepal. Epic scenery, rich culture, wonderful food, remote villages, historical cities, hot springs, great company. The mountain biking was thrilling and challenging and off the beaten track. A bit of everything from prayer flag strewn valleys and jungle to breathtaking Himalayan moonscapes. We would never have made it as far as Kagbeni without your extra help arranging bespoke travel arrangements for us so thank you all for making this trip of a lifetime possible for us.

Mountain bike Nepal

Dec 11, 2012 by Mark and Anne

What a great way to do a trip in Nepal! We did our share of sucking air on the high elevation climbs, but the trip is set up so well to acclimatize it wasn't such an issue. And the descents made those thin air climbs well worth it. We went lured by stories of awesome mountain biking in a beautiful place and those stories proved to be right on. But it wasn't just about great fun on mountain bikes. The cultural experiences added so much and made for such a full, well rounded trip. A trip of a lifetime for sure!

Nepal Tour

Nov 21, 2012 by Gavin and Elaine

If you love the idea of riding some awesome trails in the Himalayas then this is a must. If you also love the thought of mixing this with a cultural experience unlike any other then even better. Every day is special in its own different way making this without a doubt one of the best adventure experiences you'll ever have.

Mountain biking in Nepal

Oct 23, 2012 by Brian

Ride in the shadows of the Himilayas from rainforest to baron wastelands it feels like riding on mars. If you really want to see all that Nepal has to offer and I mean ALL book it!

The most amazing trip you will ever do!

5.0 5.0 24 24 What a great once in a life time adventure and vacation. Not only I got to ride on a great bike trail with majestic views but to also experience the people, towns, and culture.I Nepal

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for our mountain biking holiday in Nepal

Q. How many people will be in the group?
A. We only run small group adventures to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible, and there will generally be between eight and 12 people in each group. The minimum number of people we require to run our mountain biking vacation in Nepal is six.

Q. What’s the age range of people who come on this holiday?
A. Our mountain biking holiday in Nepal caters for a wide age range; typically between 30- and 55-years-old, but age is simply a state of mind, as they say, and we welcome anyone over the age of 18! As long as you have a good level of physical fitness you will enjoy this mountain bike tour no matter what your age.

Q. What style of mountain biking vacation is it?
A.This Himalayan mountain bike vacation is a guided mountain biking holiday, ideal for intermediate+ mountain bikers. Riding here, on the roof of the world you’ll experience some tough climbs and descents, as well as some lovely flowing singletrack. You’ll take three internal flights to minimise the time required to travel between the most spectacular riding spots. Altitude is a factor in this trip and we have some tips for riding at high altitudes and managing the effects of altitude.

Q. How far will we be mountain biking each day?
A. The distances we cover each day range from 15km to 50km, in accordance with the altitude and height gain/ loss on each stage. We will gain height gradually over the course of the trip to ensure that your body becomes accustomed to the increased altitude. Each evening your guides will chat with you about the following day’s mountain biking and give you an idea of the sorts of trails you can look forward to. If there’s anything you feel anxious about, your guides will be happy to discuss it with you.

Q. Do we have to carry all our gear with us?
A. No, you only need to carry a day pack with you whilst riding. We have a support vehicle and driver who will transfer your luggage to your next accommodation each day, and have it ready and waiting for your arrival.

Q. What if I come across a section of trail that I can’t ride?
A. Your guide will be very happy to give you some bike skills training during your trip to help improve your confidence and your enjoyment of your Nepal mountain bike holiday. If there is a section that you would prefer not to ride, then you can simply hop off your bike and walk. You won’t be the only one to walk certain sections and it’s not a competition in biking ability; it’s a mountain biking holiday!

Q. Who will be guiding us?
A. Your mountain bike guides are local to Nepal and experienced professionals who have a real passion for mountain biking and for the culture and landscape of Nepal. Your safety is their number one priority, closely followed by your enjoyment of the tour. They will always be on-hand to answer any questions or requests you may have throughout your trip. Meet your mountain bike guide in Nepal…

Q. What will the weather be like in Nepal?
A. The weather during our mountain bike vacations in Nepal will typically be very dry and sunny, with daytime riding temperatures around 20C/68F. The temperature at night drops significantly to around 0C/32F, so make sure you bring warm clothing for the evening.

Q. What sort of accommodation will we be staying in?
A. On this mountain biking holiday in the Kali Gandaki Valley of Nepal you will be staying in the best quality accommodation available in each area. This ranges from a hill-top cottage outside Kathmandu to local tea houses in the heart of the valley. Accommodation in the more remote villages up in the mountains is very basic, but you’ll often be staying in family homes, which gives you the chance to get to know the local Nepali people and understand something of their way of life.

Q. Which meals are included in the tour?
A. All meals starting with dinner on day one and ending with breakfast on day 12.

Q. What type of mountain bike is best for this trip?
A. A good quality full suspension mountain bike with 120mm travel front and rear will be ideal for this mountain bike tour. The terrain you will be riding is rough in places and you will feel more comfortable on a full suspension bike for the duration of the trip. It is possible to ride every day on a hard tail, so if this is your preference, then feel free to come with your hard tail. There can be thorns on the trails in Nepal so we recommend that you bring tubeless tyres or tyres with thicker walls and extra thick inner tubes. We do advise that you travel with your own bike to Nepal.

Q. What happens to our luggage each day?
A. Your luggage will be transferred with the support vehicle each day, and your bike bags will be stored in Kathmandu, to collect on your return and re-pack your bike.

Q. What power supply is used in Nepal?
A. In Nepal, socket types used are C, D and M, and a European adapter will work well for you. The voltage is 230V. You will have the opportunity to charge batteries in most accommodations throughout the trip.

Q. What about tourist visas, how do I get those?
A. Short-term tourist visas can be purchased on arrival at Kathmandu airport and should be bought in cash in US Dollars. Travelers’ cheques, personal cheques and credit cards are not accepted as payment for your visa at the airport. Alternatively, to save time after your long flight, you can purchase your visa online in advance at VisaHQ.

Q. What clothes and kit should I bring?
A. The daytime and nighttime temperatures vary greatly in Nepal, so you must make sure that you have plenty of layers of breathable clothing to ensure that you are always warm enough and can remove a layer if you get too hot, and you should bring a down jacket for the evenings. You should also bring cycling shorts/trousers, gloves, padded undershorts, flip-flops, specific shoes for cycling, sun cream, insect spray, and Advil or Ibuprofen. Read the full kit list to find out what you need to pack for your mountain bike tour in Nepal.

Booking your mountain biking holiday in Nepal

Booking your mountain biking holiday in Nepal with us couldn’t be simpler:

  • Click the ‘Book now’ button, then select the currency in which you wish to pay
  • Choose your preferred dates
  • Follow the simple steps to complete your online booking and pay a 25% non-refundable deposit
  • The final balance for your mountain biking adventure is due 60 days in advance of the tour start date

You can add bike rental, single supplement and an H+I Adventures riding shirt as options during the booking process also, then all you need to do is ride your bike and look forward to your fantastic mountain bike vacation with us! Attention! Don’t forget to read our booking terms and conditions, BEFORE you complete the booking process! You can also read our privacy policy to find out how we use and protect the personal information that you supply to us.

Booking terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of booking a mountain bike holiday with H+I Adventures

Please take the time to read and understand the conditions of booking available in the link below prior to booking your mountain bike vacation with H+I Adventures. We strongly recommend that you also read all the details set out in the web page relating to your holiday prior to booking to ensure that you understand the itinerary and style of the mountain biking holiday you are undertaking. Read our terms and conditions of booking.

Your money secured

ABTOT-2014-logo The Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust Limited (ABTOT) provides financial protection under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 for H&I Adventures Ltd, and in the event of their insolvency, protection is provided for the following: 1. non-flight packages commencing in and returning to the UK; 2. non-flight packages commencing and returning to a country other than the UK; and 3. flight inclusive packages that commence outside of the UK, which are sold to customers outside of the UK. 1, 2 and 3 provides for a refund in the event you have not yet travelled. 1 and 3 provide for repatriation. Please note that bookings made outside the UK are only protected by ABTOT when purchased directly with H&I Adventures Ltd.

Global Rescue

H+I Adventures has partnered with Global Rescue, who offer the finest medical advisory, and medical and security evacuation services, to protect all of our riders travelling around the world with us. Global Rescue delivers world-class emergency services, from detailed reports on more than 200 countries to help travellers prepare, to medical evacuations and security extractions when needed most. Global Rescue intelligence ensures that our guides around the world are in a position to anticipate and mitigate against any potential issues, and if the worst does happen, Global Rescue medical and evacuation services will get you to safety and the best medical provision available, as quickly as possible. Global Rescue benefits for our travellers include:

  • Medical evacuations to nearest appropriate hospital, from anywhere in the world to the nearest appropriate hospital (excludes cost of any resulting medical treatment, which must be covered by your own insurance)
  • Security extractions – If you experience threats to your safety that could result in grievous bodily harm or there is a government order to evacuate, Global Rescue will extract you and bring you to the nearest safe area
  • Field rescue – Global Rescue will rescue you from the point of illness or injury, even if you’re far from civilization. Their personnel and partners deploy and bring you to safety
  • Medical advisory services – Our guides around the world have 24/7 access to critical medical advice from the Global Rescue team of physicians, paramedics and Johns Hopkins Medicine, ranked #1 in the U.S. 22 times since 1990
  • Destination reports – Our worldwide team has access to constantly-updated intelligence on more than 200 countries with critical information on medical, security and other important events that may impact upon your travel with us

When you book your mountain biking adventure with H+I Adventures, all of these services are included as standard. Please also be aware of the limitations and exclusions of our Global Rescue policy.

Travel and activity insurance

You are required as a condition of booking to be insured against medical and personal accident risks. In this policy you must include cover for mountain biking and we recommend that you take out a policy which covers cancellation and baggage. Our partnership with Global Rescue will cover costs associated with medical evacuation and field rescue to the nearest appropriate hospital, and security extraction to a safe area, so you do not need to include this in your own travel insurance policy. We work closely with WorldNomads.com whose policies are specially designed for mountain bike tours. You can arrange your insurance cover directly with them by visiting worldnomads.com and then we ask that you send us your policy details. Please note: WorldNomads don’t cover for domestic travel, so for example, if you live in the UK and have booked on a holiday in Scotland, or you live in Canada and have booked our Yukon adventure, you cannot arrange an insurance policy with them. You must bring a copy of your insurance policy with you on your holiday with us.

Adventure traveller's code of conduct

The following code of conduct is a guide to how we expect our customers to behave on our mountain biking holidays around the world. By observing them you will have a more enjoyable vacation and will gain the respect of the local people. We ask you to travel respectfully and pay attention to local rules and values. Why do we have these guidelines? During our mountain biking vacations we will be travelling through communities, homes and sensitive areas, and as a responsible tour operator we want our type of tourism to be sustainable and of reciprocal benefit to you and all of these communities. Over the years our guides and customers have made friends whilst travelling in these remote areas, and we don’t want any of these relationships to be compromised. Respecting cultural differences In the areas that we visit during our mountain bike holidays things may be done differently from where you live and work, which is why we love them, and why you are there. So when dealing with local people please accept their differences and respect their way of life. A traveller who is happy and converses with locals will have a much better experience and will leave a better impression than one who seeks fault. Etiquette There are a few general behaviour rules that apply throughout the world:

  • Shouting at a member of waiting staff is frowned upon, a gentle hand signal is all that is required
  • No smoking in any enclosed public places
  • It is impolite to enter a store or restaurant and not say hello in the local language
  • In most countries it is inappropriate to express anger in a raised voice. Becoming angry is embarrassing to the local people with whom you are dealing – they will not be embarrassed for themselves, but for you making a fool of yourself

Environmental responsibility The world is beginning to realise the impact that our waste management is having on our environment. We have identified the recycling points situated along the routes that we take during our mountain bike holidays, so we ask you to keep any rubbish that you may have, so we can dispose of it into the correct bins when we return to civilisation. There are bins for plastic bottles, paper, glass, aluminium cans and general rubbish. When our guides are on the hill they will be picking up any litter that they come across, but more importantly, they will encourage you to do the same. Packed lunches: some of the day rides during our adventures take place in very remote areas, where there are no food stops or support vehicle stops, so we need to carry our lunches with us. We ask the providers of these lunches not to use layers of packaging and when they need to, they use recycled paper bags or reusable containers. Drinking water: before our holidays commence we supply you with a kit list, asking you to bring your own water carrying device, like a bladder or bottle that you can fill up at a designated place each day. We actively discourage the use of throw-away bottles. In some countries water can be taken from the taps and rivers that we will pass on our daily mountain bike rides, and the guides will be on hand to advise you and dispense purification tablets should they be needed. Food and accommodation Food is an integral part of any country’s identity. During our mountain biking holidays we will take you to a selection of hand-picked local restaurants and cafés that offer traditional dishes, created from locally-sourced produce. In using a selection of one-man-band cafés to top quality expensive seafood restaurants, we believe that we are distributing the tourism wealth fairly around the areas we visit. In order for you to get the full ‘experience’ we use small family-run guesthouses, or bed and breakfasts that employ local workers, as far as is possible. If we have to use larger hotels, we opt for non-chain, locally-owned establishments. Being a responsible traveller doesn’t finish at the end of your holiday… We hope that during your travels with us through some of the wildest and remotest parts of the world you will have learned something from our guides and your experience, that you can take back home with you to your daily life.

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