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How best to spend 24 hours in Marrakech in this handy city guide.
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Our tours stretch far and wide across various corners of the world with each country sharing a different flavour of trail with us. There are a lot of good trails out there but what makes a great trail? Well, the truth is they’re probably subjective to you as an individual, but more often than not a great trail will have the whole group smiling from ear-to-ear. From the temperate rainforest of New Zealand, to the blooming alpine meadows of Colorado and the breath-taking fjords of Norway… We’ve compiled a few of our favourites!

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In the depths of the Himalayas you’ll be surrounded by some of the world’s tallest mountains which will leave you lost for words, and breath! The high altitudes will leave you gasping for air but you’ll reap the rewards in the country often dubbed as the “Roof of the World”. After a 300m scrabble to a lofty height of 4100m through the Lupra Pass you’ll be rewarded with a solid vertical kilometre altitude dump filled with fast, flowing, dusty singletrack – all in a surreal surrounding. After a series of steeper switchbacks you’ll traverse a long suspension bridge before taking to the dried up river bed for some rubbly riding to your lunch spot in Jomsom, perhaps having to dodge a yak or two! You’ll then finish off your ride to the overnight stop of Marpha through some ‘urban’ Nepalese trail taking in alleyways and farmland… Far from your average day on the bike!

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There’s more to the old mountain town of Crested Butte than its chilled and relaxed atmosphere, you’ll take in some real classics whilst here that will set your pulse alight. The fact that Crested Butte has hosted an EWS speaks volumes about its trail calibre. Taking to the high backcountry you’ll be left somewhat humbled by the silence and remoteness where true trail gold lies in wait. Reaching deep into the valley floor before peeling into the trees, you’ll wind your way up before popping into the open in an explosion of colour from the flower meadows. You’ll then engage in an unavoidable fist fight with the flowers as your bars brush through the blur of yellows and purples. A rollercoaster of rises and falls that will have you hooked before spitting you out right by the van. A true Colorado Classic.

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