The freedom of my work – Anna Buick

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The freedom of my work – Anna Buick

In early July Anna Buick and the H+I crew met in Val di Fassa deep in the Italian Dolomites to check out this EWS double header.

Image credits: Nicola Damonte/Fassabike and Keno Derleyn

Anna Buick uncovers what really goes on behind the tapes in Val di Fassa

I was sitting in the late evening light on a terrace in Tuscany last year, when Anna sat down beside me a dinner. We got off to a flying start (I think she was just being nice) this was the wine tasting night and we set about chatting over a couple of glasses of Italy’s finest.  Discussing a wide and varied selection of topics, we kept returning to her new job and the approach she was taking to finding her way in this wonderful world of bikes!

Anna had arrived in Tuscany to join a group of journalists assembled from around Europe who were here to test the new Shimano EP8 motor and be guided through this experience by ourselves, H+I Adventures.

I became increasingly aware of the many hats that Anna wears. Even on this short trip she danced from Shimano ambassador to journalist, to interviewer and all the way to ex-pro riding celeb.

So fast forward a few months and we were in the office discussing interesting story angles for an up and coming trip to Val di fassa in the Italian Dolomites, and Anna’s infectious personality, smile, story and take on her employment situation came to mind as a story worth telling.

Since Anna has taken to the road in her newly converted van (it must have a name, but forgot to ask), she has covered large parts of Europe covering races, events, stories and commentating on races. Its a tough long summer of work, but you can tell she is enthused by the whole thing. So sit back with a cuppa and catch up with her at this years EWS double header (two races in one location over one week) in Val di Fassa.

Anna Buick – ” I love the freedom and the diversity that I have just to kind of control my own work flow and when and where I work”

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