Tours in Scotland

Welcome to one of the most dramatic natural playgrounds in the world. Welcome to Scotland.

Scotland has earned a reputation as one of the foremost mountain biking destinations in the world.

The nation is blessed with breathtaking natural landscapes, from mountain, to forest, to coast, to island, and our ‘Right to Roam’ access laws mean that all land is open to everyone to use responsibly. This ability to access wild spaces comes with huge responsibility for our mountain biking community, and we have to work together to protect our trails and natural environments.

Scotland has also been investing in trail infrastructure for more than 20 years, which paved the way for a flourishing, nationwide mountain bike scene. This scene then led to a vibrant international race scene, most recently including the 2023 UCI World Championships.

Little wonder, then, that from our base in Inverness, we’re able to offer you no fewer than 5 unforgettable mountain bike tours in Scotland, spanning the beautiful and diverse natural landscapes of the Highlands.


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