Few places encompass mountain biking quite like Queenstown, and that is where your Kiwi guide Erin Greene calls home

“Queenstown is good for heaps of adventures and it’s all on your back door. 5 minutes and you’ve got awesome pedalling, trail running, swimming – there’s heaps of trails!”

“I’m always just keen for an adventure, if I can go to some crazy and different country to ride there then I’ll go do it. If I can go somewhere new and ride I’ll go do it.”

“I haven’t been back to too many of the same places because I’d rather go and experience something new than go back to something I’ve already ridden. I’ve been riding in Vietnam, Italy, Mongolia, Malaysia…”

Join Erin on her local trails in the mountain bike mecca of Queenstown. 

Local mountain bike tour guide New Zealand Erin Greene