Tours in Spain

Andalucía is a land of intense sunshine, fascinating history and a unique cuisine born out of its colourful past.

Andalucía is the largest region in Spain, spanning most of the south of the country, and facing North Africa across the Alboran Sea. Thanks to its proximity to Africa, Andalucía has had a rich and colourful history with influences from the many different people who have settled here over the centuries. The results of this multi-cultural past can be seen in the architecture, art, people and, notably, the cuisine of Andalucía.

The coastal area is dominated by large hotels and beaches littered with tourists under sun umbrellas. But head inland, just one hour, and you’ll discover a very different side to the largest region of Spain.

Whitewashed villages cling to hillsides, the local tavernas still offer a delicious ‘menú del día’ for only a few Euros, and the trails that have connected these villages for centuries are empty, but for a few intrepid mountain bikers!

Take a look at our ‘menú’ of mountain bike tours in Spain – one MTB and one E-MTB – to discover the ancient treasures of Andalucía.


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