Our top 5 adventures for a big celebration


Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirement… we all have special moments in our lives that we wish to mark with a big event. Here’s some inspiration for yours…

H+I Adventures top 5 adventures to mark a big milestone

We all have special moments in our lives – be they birthdays, anniversaries, big achievements, or even just the chance to re-connect – that we want to mark in a meaningful way with our nearest and dearest. These are some of life’s major milestones and, whether you’ve missed out on that celebration over the past year, or you’re planning ahead for something big next year, here are our top 5 adventures, worthy of marking your special event.

So gather your favourite people and get inspired to start planning your unforgettable MTB or E-MTB adventure with us!

1. Bhutan – A spiritual MTB adventure

When a country measures its national progress in terms of happiness, you know you’re onto a good thing. Our new, spiritual mountain bike tour in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan will take you on a prayer flag-lined trail of self-discovery. With the assistance of our shuttle, you’ll descend from one lush green valley to the next, accompanied by Buddhist shrines, monasteries, and the mighty Himalayas along the way.

Mountain bike tour Bhutan flag landmarks
Mountain bike tour Bhutan leaving Thimpu

2. Ecuador – Incredible Andes

Ecuador; the most ecologically diverse country in the world. A small nation in the northern Andes, Ecuador is densely packed with the most incredible range of ecosystems and trail networks; a feast for the senses at every turn of the pedal. From urban jump lines to dense jungle and active volcanic slopes high in the Andes, the diversity of the landscapes and riding is matched only by the richness of culture and the warmth of the people here in Ecuador.

Experiencing chagra life on our Mountain biking Ecuador tour
Racing past Quilotoa on the mountain bike tour Ecuador

3. Morocco – The Berber Trail

On this mountain bike tour in Morocco you’ll mountain bike through the heart of the dry and rugged Atlas mountains, ever in the shadow of the formidable Toubkal mountain, climbing and traversing high mountain passes, descending sparse mountain singletrack to lush valley floors, punctuating each segment with mint tea and a mind bending blend of culture.

During our mtb adventure in the Atlas mountains of Morocco, we’ll ride on a point-to-point route that will see us cover centuries old Berber trade routes that criss-cross this landscape, walked in by generations of traders and their mules to craft impeccable singletrack heaven for mountain bikers.

Mountain bike tours
Mountain bike tours - H+I Story of MTB Morocco in Photos. One of our highlights of 2018.

4. Norway – Into the Labyrinth

Experience Norway as never before on our exclusive mountain biking expedition into the heart of the Norwegian fjords.

You’ll steam deep into the labyrinth of fjords aboard your own private boat (ex-minesweeper), which will deliver you to the wildest mountain ridges towering high above you. This is mountain biking at its most raw, and not for the faint-hearted!

Mountain bike tour Norway - the calm fjords
Mountain biker descending Mefjellet during our mountain bike tour Norway. One of our mountain biking adventures in Europe.

5. Namibia – E-MTB Safari

For the ultimate way to disconnect from normal life and re-connect with yourself, your loved ones, and nature, our E-MTB safari in Namibia is the perfect solution.

You’ll pedal through the red sands of the Namib desert, along the Skeleton Coast, up the dry bed of the Ugab River, spotting zebra, giraffe, even elephant along the way. The highlight of this adventure is the wilderness of Damaraland where you’ll eat around the campfire and star-gaze in the clear night skies.

E-MTB safari of Namibia in Africa with H+I Adventures
E-MTB safari of Namibia in Africa with H+I Adventures

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