Travelling with your E-MTB around the world!

We are excited to share our new partnership with Ship to Cycle!

H+I Adventures and Ship to Cycle

At H+I Adventures we are always looking for ways to make the travel process smoother for our riders. One question which often arises, is ‘Can I travel with my own E-MTB?’

Until recently, unless you could travel by land, the answer has been no because of the restrictions of flying with batteries… But, times have changed!

In our quest to find the perfect solution, we are delighted to have been introduced to the team at Ship to Cycle.

Powered by SEL, they have provided logistics services to teams and athletes for over twenty years, and now offer a door to door service to safely and efficiently ship your bike (E-MTB or MTB), wherever you want!

E-MTB safari of Namibia in Africa with H+I Adventures
Ship to Cycle
Ship to Cycle

Ship to Cycle

Their premium service takes away the stress of transporting your bike to the airport, finding a taxi big enough once you reach the other side, and alleviates any worries about what to do with your bike if you are travelling for a longer period of time.

Ship to Cycle relies on the best international couriers who guarantee punctuality and take care of your most loved possession until it arrives at your destination, and will be ready and waiting for you to collect from our local team in each country.

What is even better, is that all H+I riders will receive an exclusive discount, so now there is an even bigger incentive to travel with your own bike all around the world!

Tracy Moseley, Manon Carpenter, Scottish Highlands, heather
Scotty Laughland during H+I Adventures Mountain Bike Tour British Columbia as seen in our Top 10 MTB Photos blog.
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