Adventure flows through Ella Wright’s veins, she is your local mountain biking guide in Scotland

“I started climbing big mountains at a young age and by 19 I was guiding 5000m technical peaks, but walking is a bit slow! So I stepped it up and moved to Scotland in 2016 where mountain biking was introduced to me and has totally changed my world. I crave a big adventure… A long climb or hike a bike up a big mountain can only mean one thing…a big descent!!!

“I love what I do which brings a smile to my face every day I’m on my bike, the best bit is that biking has a tendency of forming some life long friendships with complete strangers, and there is no better place to form them than the breath taking hills of the Cairngorms or west coast of Scotland which undoubtedly will steal anyone’s heart!

A black and white portrait of a local Scotland mountain bike guide Ella Wright