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Exciting times at H+I Adventures as we are named Scottish Mountain Bike Tour Operator of the Year.

H+I Adventures, Scotland’s number 1 mountain bike tour operator

At H+I Adventures we are perfectionists, we are artists, we are innovators and we are driven by belief that you can always do better. We never rest on our laurels and anyone who has travelled with us at our home base in the Highlands of Scotland, or any of our other 10 destinations around the world will confirm this. We leave no stone unturned when we explore the world to craft a new mountain bike adventure and become the worlds number 1 mountain bike tour operator.

So, when we were recently voted ‘Scottish Mountain Bike Tour Operator of the Year’ at an international industry awards ceremony in Scotland, we were absolutely over the moon.

It takes around two years for us to launch one of our new mountain bike tours. We try as many trails, accommodations and restaurants as possible, we try every road, juggle countless logistical headaches, and smooth out cultural differences in order to craft the best mountain bike, cultural and gastronomic tour that each destination has to offer.

The company started life in Scotland almost 10 years ago delivering Scottish mountain bike adventures to customers from around the globe. We quickly identified our unique approach to mountain bike travel and pushed to develop the most innovative and forward-thinking mountain bike tour operation in the adventure travel and mountain bike industries.

We have created a world-first tour in Norway, won awards for our innovative coast-to-coast tour in Scotland, seen our Nepal adventure hosting the inaugural Yeti Cycles International Tribe Gathering and crafted some of the industry’s most revered tour videos.

To be recognised as the best Scottish Mountain Bike Tour Operator means so much to us for two main reasons: Firstly, the industry itself has recognised the quality of our tours and the overriding customer satisfaction we strive for year in year out. Secondly, this award was given at an international mountain biking conference in Scotland where the main focus was innovation, something we strive to achieve in everything we do at H+I.

I am immensely proud of the team we have at H+I Adventures, from guides, to logistics specialists, to marketing experts, drivers, chefs, mechanics and even a ship’s captain… they all give 110% to the H+I mission to deliver an unforgettable experience and service to every one of our riders from around the globe. As a result of our team’s dedication, many of our riders become like family to us, returning time and time again for the H+I experience and securing their place in our ‘International Clan of Adventurers’.

So, here’s to another ten years of holding the bar as high as possible, and to continuing to innovate, believing in each other and travelling the world with the greatest extended family that anyone could ever wish for!

Lastly a quick thanks to everyone who has helped to craft the ‘Art of Adventure’ over the past ten years:

Alex Glasgow, Kev Henderson, Chris ‘the bear’ Gibbs, Donald ‘Kashi’ Shearer, Mark Clark, Steve ‘Faither’ Bradley, Ross Dunn, Big Ben Thomson, Tim Winterburn, Andy McCandlish, Trevor Clark, Rachid Dahnoun, Stefan Neuhauser, Julián Manrique, Gregg Bleakney, Juanito Olave Fajardo, Efraín Tarriba, Berne Broudy, Danny MacAskill, Steve Peat, Hans Rey, Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter, CJ, Sterling, Jane and Louise, Lindsay and Ben, Leander, Zieggy, Jacques, Mandil, RJ, Suranje, Nishant, Geoff, Liam, Ash, Cali, Javier, Ursula, Dani, Miha, Marco, Sven, Tash, Ole, Marsha, Sylvain, Dave, Matt, Shaun, Greg, Jorge, José, Antonio, Rebeca, José, Rubén, Cristián, Orlando, Ernesto ‘Advantage’ Araneda, Conroy, Jan, Holger, and the countless other people who have had a hand in creating what you see today.

But most importantly I would especially like to thank my wife and business partner Catherine, she is the smiling glue that holds this collection of creative misfits and headstrong tour leaders together without missing a beat, ever!

Euan Wilson, H+I Adventures co-director

Deep in the Cairngorm National Park on our Tastes + Trails mountain bike tour
Yeti Tribe Scotland
Mountain Biking Cairngorms, exploring the Cairngorm National Park one of our mountain bike tours worldwide

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