Mountain bike tour South Island New Zealand

Rainforest riding on our mountain bike tour South Island New Zealand

Our mountain bike tour South Island New Zealand is an unforgettable immersion into the locals’ ultimate adventure biking experience.

Here’s a snapshot of two such incredible days of wilderness backcountry riding, written by our local guide Ashley…

“The next two days see us undertaking the longest point-to-point ride in New Zealand, The Old Ghost Road. Over these two days we spend day one climbing through rainforest on a grade that averages out at 2%, so you can pedal up the 28km with ease, until we emerge from the trees and out onto the high alpine ridge with views as far as the eye can see over the rainforest canopy. Soon we arrive at our mountain hut for the night, where our luggage is waiting for us, having been transported up, magically, earlier that day!

“We clean up, eat some dinner and settle out on the decking to watch sunset over the rainforest below.

“We sit out late into the night enjoying the sights and sounds of life at the top of a mountain, which makes for a slow start the next morning, but nothing a few coffees won’t fix…

“So after said caffeine we set off on our descent down the other side of the ridgeline and our reward for yesterday’s hard work on the way up!

“At around lunchtime we are reunited with the van and civilisation and head towards Craigieburn and Flockhill, to settle in and prepare for tomorrow’s ride. Each day so far the trails have been vastly different, from terrain to build and eco-system, and Craigieburn offers up its own surprises.”

If you want to find out what other delights are in store for you, read the rest of the tour diary, and then join us for our spectacular new mountain bike tour South Island New Zealand!