New H+I Adventures T-shirts

New H+I Adventures T-shirts arrive at HQ!

In the last couple of years we’ve put a lot of effort into making sure that our guides are as well kitted out as they possibly can be. On-trail we’ve been ahead of the game in giving them access to the best mountain biking clothing, bags and bikes in the world with the support of our partners at EVOC and Yeti.

And now, we have some unique, artist designed H+I Adventures t-shirts for our guides to wear off the bike as well!

An idea that has long been bounced around the H+I office has finally been realised thanks to the talent of our friend, riding buddy and all-round amazing artist Skye Walker (that’s him with the massive smile at the bottom of the page).

Hailing from sunny San Diego, Skye came to Scotland to discover his roots and ride the best trails in the Highlands on our Torridon + Skye adventure. With first-hand experience of what makes up an H+I adventure, Skye used his immense artistic skills to create the unique artwork for our first off-the-bike H+I t-shirts. We absolutely love our new t-shirts and we’re proud that H+I Adventures guides around the world will be wearing Skye’s design.

Unfortunately the only way to get your hands on one of these golden beauties (for the time-being) is to become an H+I guide but if this saddens you and you need cheering up the good news is you can check out more of Skye’s beautiful artwork by visiting his website and Instagram.

5 thoughts on “New rider-designed H+I t-shirts

  1. Just completed an H & I adventure in Slvenia with the lead guide being Dani. Even though it was a very rainy week,we managed to dance around most of the rain and cover 118 miles over hill and dale. Places we stayed were super,food local and views stunning!
    This is our second H &I Adventure,we are already thinking of Spain next year. It is amazing that we have seen so few other folks on our rides! Also thanks to Cat for her organization and Euan for scoping out the places/guides. The best in the world,no doubt. Lastly, our group of 10 bonded so well,we hope to visit each other to ride.

    1. Delighted you had such a great time in Slovenia, Steve. Looking forward to sharing another adventure with in Spain next year! Take care, Cat

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