Mountain biking Torridon, Scotland – In pictures

Mountain biking Torridon, Scotland – enjoy our new trail photos

Never ones to miss an opportunity, some of our mountain bike guides in Scotland recently headed out to Torridon to check out our favourite trails for this coming season, and while they were at it, they took along our photographer friend Tim to get some cracking new shots of mountain biking Torridon, Scotland.

It was a typical, west coast ‘moody’ atmosphere Tim’s favourite! He’s not a fan of clear blue skies like the rest of us, and the trails are riding really well – particularly following a bit of work in late April on a maintain the trails work day – but still require plenty of skill on the bike and concentration to pick the right lines and stay ‘rubber side down’!

The day started off with us heading our from the forest carpark, straight up what will be our descent. The clouds were swirling high above us and the towering black mountains that are our end goal. So we zip up our outer layers and get the head down to make our way slowly up this mountain path, every so often hearing Tim shouting and waiving his arms around as he finds suitable photo angles and spots with cloud shapes that excite him, and bursts of sunlight on the mountain s ahead of us.

Once we reach our summit location, we grab some food and prepare for the descent ahead of us, and Tim sets off to get into position for us dropping in. We choose five spots to photograph on the way down, and with the ever changing light, it makes for a challenging situation and a few takes of each shot, in order to get the goods, but hey, we don’t need to be asked twice to ride this trail again!

We’re super-excited to be welcoming more riders from around the world to Scotland this year, we hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Check out these new shots and join us this year for some unforgettable mountain biking Torridon and the majestic west coast of the Scottish Highlands…