Partnership with Yeti Cycles

Our exciting partnership with Yeti Cycles started way back in 2013! Time flies…

6 years and counting partnered with Yeti Cycles

It’s (already!) been 6 years since we excitedly announced our partnership with Yeti Cycles and it remains just as thrilling as ever!  Back then we were working hard to align our mountain biking holiday business with the best product based companies in the mountain biking world. We feel that these partnerships are special and not only enhance our tours, but align our core beliefs and company ethos with these other high quality brands.

Our new partnership with Yeti Cycles continues to be a long-term brand partnership that has brought, and will continue to bring, exciting developments for both Yeti Cycles’ and H&I Adventures’ customers alike.

The riders of the Yeti Tribe Scotland.
Hike a biking on a Mountain bike tour Torridon and Skye
Dropping into the dense Jungle of the Old Ghost Road during the International Yeti Tribe New Zealand mountain bike tour.

Why Yeti Cycles?

“Well, not only does Yeti hand build the best mountain bikes available today, every worker within the company rides and tests their bikes. It’s a real riders’ company that has a wonderful customer/brand relationship. Yeti Cycles is the only bike company in the world that arranges ‘tribe’ meetings where owners can meet up, exchange stories and ride bikes,” says H&I Adventures director, Euan Wilson.

Yeti Cycles has been in the business of producing world-class mountain bikes since early 1985, with a ‘race breed’ to be proud of. Being at the forefront of the bike racing scene has allowed Yeti to develop and test new and innovative bike designs that have migrated on to the production bikes that you can ride today.

H+I Adventures guide's bikes, the Yeti SB5 LR Edition.
Colorado - Richie Rude pensive before the start

The Yeti Tribe

Aside from now being able to ride some of the finest mountain bikes in the world, the best thing to bloom from our relationship has definitely been the annual International Tribe Gatherings. Yeti had been hosting their Tribe Gatherings at home in the US for a while, but after attending one in Colorado and experiencing all the antics and awesome riding we knew we had to take them worldwide!

It’s crazy to think the 5th International Tribe Gathering in Switzerland is now rapidly approaching with a growing family of ‘Yeti freaks’ lining up for some Swiss Alps action. We’ve already travelled to Nepal, Chile, New Zealand, and even brought the Tribe to our home in Scotland… Countless moments of hysterics and beers sunk in between riding some of the best trails in the world. Long may it continue.

Mountain bikers in Wanaka during the International Yeti Tribe New Zealand mountain bike tour.

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