Namibia: Photo gallery

A breathtaking view into a true adventure in this Namibia: Photo gallery

Another fantastic year of biking in Scotland has finished up and seems but a distant memory yet, alas, there’s no time to rest when there are adventures waiting to be had around the world!

We’ve just made it back from our unbelievable Mountain bike pictures Africa, Namibia and despite barely having unpacked our bikes and bags have managed to spare some time for photo uploads for this Namibia: Photo gallery. Our guide, Euan , took his camera on tour and (unusually for him!) captured some fantastic shots that almost convey the the vastness of the landscape, the unforgettable wildlife encounters and fantastic trails of our African mountain bike safari.

We hope you enjoy this Namibia: Photo gallery from a truly mesmerising fortnight spent under massive African skies where we hazily floated through baked red deserts, made new friends and experienced the culture and warmth of a people that matches that of their climate.

If these images tickle your fancy for an African adventure on two wheels, then why not join us in Namibia for a safari experience with a difference?

You can also find out what drives and inspires your Namibian mountain bike guides Jacques and Zieggy to deliver our mountain bike tour in Namibia to such a high standard.